Hottest Thing To Look For In Next Year’s Web Design

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on September 26, 2014

Hottest Thing To Look For In Next Year’s Web Design
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Have you actually realized summer’s over and along is the major part of September? Because I haven’t. But it’s time to face some facts. 2015 is not too far from now thus it’s just the time to get prepared before anybody’s too busy with all the Halloween and Christmas adjustments for their websites. Where should we be headed next year? What do our users desire to receive as a New Year’s present?

Responsive, responsive, responsive…


If your site has like zero of responsive design you are out of business. Or you will be which is likely. Did you know users are mean? I’d rather give them what they want rather than putting myself in a cage with hungry velociraptors. And the velociraptors want more responsive. I mean, really, you may be saying responsive is something your site does not need but what you actually need to do is to become more realistic because I can’t imagine any reason why’s responsive bad for any site. It’s just what people want. After all more than 50% percent of Internet users are surfing from their mobile devices at a certain period of time. That is audience.

Awesome backgrounds!


Large, colorful, stylish, classy, fancy. All that and more may be applied to what our users are wishing to see on a background of the site. It may be a picture or a video or whatever else as long as it is Big-&-Beautiful. This is a great mean to make your site more attractive. Especially if it’s a video we are talking about (note: not a box-captured piece of Flash in the middle).

Card Design is holding well with its positions and is likely to improve

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Card Design is not something I would dare calling new, yet it is strong at its positions and is improving them by the day. This will be a splendid choice if your site requires lots of rearranging. The shifts will flow smooth without anybody even noticing. Plus it is a great way of categorizing massive data amounts.

Get as interactive as possible

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Users are not too fond of large text pieces. Thus try making them as interactive as possible if you want to prevent your audience from moving to somebody else’s page. The stories you are telling will get way more personalized if any user activities are involved. Thus go ahead and be creative.

Get as flat as possible

Dumb Ways To Die

Apple, Google and Microsoft are already using the full potential of Flatness. Users love it, thus we build it the way they want it, right? All the shadows, 3-D effects and stuff has already bored everyone. And flat looks quite exquisite so why not give it a shot?

Capital letters!


Web type-kits are really expensive thus only high-budget sites may afford the fancy letters? That’s ancient history. They are getting lower in cost by the minute thus I’m feeling a new typographical website battle is about to burst out with rampage as type-kits are getting affordable by even Steve, the pre-school student who’s been saving some lunch-money.

We love scrolling


Navigation via scrolling is something users are admired with. It has some personal touch as it is. And as an addition all the popping up and bouncing out stuff with all the spinning and shifting actually looks hypnotic. And fairly better that mere link clicking for navigation purposes. This approach is especially pleasant with mobile devices. And their owners are a colossal piece of your target audience. So if you are into iPhone application development or Android application development this is something you’d really want implemented.

Be even more personalized than you are now

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Using cookies to show user the content he would prefer is a nice trick. Not new, yet nice. It’s not only about Spam. Your site may gain from it dramatically. Netflix does it, YouTube does it and are they not getting far? A nice little slide-out bar with recently viewed post will do you no harm. And it may attract visitors.

I hope you will put all this info to use in 2015! Or you may even begin now and be among the first to be awesome! I know I will!