How Can Cloud Computing Be Useful For You

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 22, 2011

How Can Cloud Computing Be Useful For You
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Cloud computing by definition depends a lot on whether you are a producer or consumer. We try to examine the different types of cloud computing and to presents what cloud computing may offer you.

Cloud computing represents the one of the latest business and computer industry buzz words. It includes the ranks of grid computing, clustering and virtualization among others, within the IT industry. The problem lies, depending on your viewpoint, the cloud computing definition may be rather different. According to your perspective, you may look at it from a business standpoint or an application viewpoint, as well as others. It has produced confusion on the definition and a fuzzy view regarding to what cloud computing is or ever makes.

The term of cloud computing is ill-defined and overused that has brought many IT management and IT professionals to make assumptions concerning to what cloud computing makes and the way the companies may better deploy it. The IT industry doesn’t make it simpler for the customers through offering great number of different products and definitions and call them “cloud products”.

Instances of such behaviour may be seen through watching television advertisements that have being broadcasting to everyone and not only IT professionals and management. One big IT company denotes cloud computing in a way that just a person obtaining PhD. In linguistics and computer science can comprehend, but the advertisement tells that they are making an easy definition, and in case you don’t comprehend the definition then send for the professional services to “assist” your company derives advantages of cloud computing. Such advertisement, as well as other marketing, delivers the idea so complicated that nobody understands it, and this just makes cloud computing more of a “riddle wrapped in an enigma”.