How Do I Manage IT People?!

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 20, 2015

How Do I Manage IT People?!
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IT companies often struggle I an endless battle over proper management. The catch is that most skilled developers are already quite intelligent, creative, determined and all of them love their work and do not require any additional motivation. However, if they get carried away it’s hard to find their off-switch. It is nearly impossible do force a decent developer do things your way if he believes he is right.

So, if you want things done your way being a manager is not enough. You must be a leader, an inspiration who gets deserved respect from employees. If your personal qualities are left aside, here are several great practices you may use to improve management in your It department:

  • You are working with talents – nurture them! You, as a manager are not a loner. You have a team of interesting people who have gathered in one place with a shared goal. The product you are working on, any particular feature implementation, whatever else – everyone is in this together. You, as a leader, have to show support to every single team member. Give them advice, guide them through challenges. Make sure they know they can always ask you about anything and you will give them an answer. Keep watch for people who loose satisfaction in what they are doing. If any particular task has bored a person to death give him something else to do, switch the person with somebody for a while. Let’s call it a cool down period. Don’t over bend. You choose tasks people should perform, they can’t just randomly switch with each other on their own just because they want to.
  • Educate you team! IT is and industry where updates happen more often, than your coffee breaks. Remaining up-to-date is a vitality. While most developers adore their work and mostly work more on their free time they must study. Practice isn’t all that makes perfect. Invest in this process. Arrange weekly meetings with discussions of all latest news and trends of the industry, hire tutors for groups of junior developers. Have lingual classes or art classes. They also work amazing and act like something that takes all pressure away and clears minds of people who see code in front of their eyes most of their time.
  • If you can say something good to your employee – say it. Compliments are great motivations if used wisely. However you cannot simply walk around saying nice things for no reason. This approach will decrease value of your words. Though, if you are aware one of your developers has suffered for a really long time before his code was compiled and working you should definitely point out this developer has done a great job.

It’s not really hard to become a manager. However you have to become a respected leader, and that is definitely harder. Hopefully, guidance that was noted above will assist you.

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