How RIM OS update may save the PlayBook

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 30, 2011

How RIM OS update may save the PlayBook
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PlayBook tablet OS 2.0
PlayBook OS 2.0 by RIM can breathe new life into the tablet early next year.

After in April RIM revealed the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, the tech sphere was crushingly unimpressed. Even the lack of native email didn’t bring any help.

For now RIM has announced a new OS and dropped the device’s price for February which will fix the native issue of email – at least to a point – the PlayBook may turn itself around as the device for the companies which enjoy secure email and other IT management tools of RIM.

There are 4 reasons why the next OS of the PlayBook may provide the device some much-required CPR.

1.      Native Email

Approved, it is not the native email everybody wishes just yet. It is necessary to deploy another PIN for the PlayBook and run 2 email accounts in case you have already received one for your BlackBerry device. But that is coming.

Native email is essential for some reasons, the first one is that everybody with a RIM device is possibly making it for the secure push email which is funneled through servers by RIM. That has been the greatest strength of RIM (and a recent source of weakness at the time its servers went down). Any business which demands secure email – accounting or law firms, or any other company in a hypercompetitive industry – is possibly still utilizing BlackBerry devices and will go on to do so till another company creates a better mousetrap.

2.      Interface Is Cleaned Up

The innovative tablet OS will supply something similar to what an Android device runs now, allowing you to dock your most-deployed applications to the Home screen and make folders to group similar applications. Moreover there will be a larger area for applications, together with the carousel at the bottom of the screen getting less room.

3.      Native Work Apps Thanks to Enterprise Integration

CIOs will adore the enterprise integration feature that will let companies to install applications on many devices simultaneously. As a RIM employee explained in the video, when the PlayBook is joined up on an enterprise server, administrators may install applications in this workspace.

4.      Easier Run of Android Apps

RIM promised the capability of easily port of Android apps to the PlayBook and that is delivering now. Developers have admission to different tools, together with the BlackBerry Packager for Android Apps, to repackage and test Android apps for the PlayBook. While it will take time means that programmers may release applications on the PlayBook without requiring recoding for various environment. But it doesn’t mean that clients will be able to run wholesome Android apps on the device; the apps will still require to be firstly recoded and then submitted to BlackBerry App World.

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