How the Advent of iPad Influenced Web Design Trends?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on May 24, 2011

How the Advent of iPad Influenced Web Design Trends?
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For the recent time iPad has reached a colossal fame all over the world. Great number of people is getting attracted to the newly appearing device. Today we can see people employing iPad whether they are in a coffee shop, in a bus or anywhere. But why it has gained huge popularity in such a short period of time? The reply is because it is such a computer which you may easily hold in your hand and read like a book. Today it is an intimate way to interact as you may lounge with the computer instead of having the difficulty to sit on it. So this technology modification has turned the whole world upside down.  It has made the web designers to reconsider the design tactics. Consequently the designers have begun to design particularly for the iPad as it seems indisputable that this device will hold strong position in the future. So to provide a more positive user experience web layouts and web designs have to be more compatible with the iPad.

Features of iPad: what should web designers consider?

First of all let’s consider what practically iPad includes and why designers get forcing to change the way they design.

iPad modes

iPad has two types of modes:

  • Portrait
  • Landscape

Through this mode you may view the website deploying the iPad. So you can view it either in portrait or landscape mode.

Initial iPad navigation tool:

iPad device is absolutely simple. It has no mouse, no keyboard. You may think how the user is going to interact? The primarily tool for interacting here is your fingers. The users deploy the fingers to navigate on the iPad device.

The question here is why are these features bothering the designers?

On iPad it is not required for users to follow the standard and define ways of interacting and viewing with websites. They may zoom in and out the pages of website because it suits them and may view the websites by any of the two modes mentioned above. But the fact is why the designers have to bother? To make the website usable and accessible on the iPad (with 2 different view modes) a designer requires to create 2 various layouts for the website. It requires web development in a smart fluid width design.

iPad did away with flash

The iPad doesn’t support flash. In case you want your website to include videos and animations it should be designed in HTML5 as the website that are designed in this language are simply viewed in iPad. HTML5 possesses all the elements that previously have been found only in Adobe Flash.

iPad did away with hover effects

Since users will deploy the fingers to navigate the website thus the hover effects which are suited only to pointer based devices are useless for iPad. The hover effects must me be withdrawn for a smooth user’s experience with iPads. The links in a website can’t be concealed any more in text and it requires to be resized.

Colour contrast

The iPad may be employed in various locations. It can be used anywhere outdoors or indoors according to your choice. As the iPad’s screen is glossy and reflects light that brings to some disadvantageous. That hinders a user’s interaction together with the content displayed on the website.

The Recommendations for designers how to keep up with iPad

As the future of web browsing is in these computerized tablets as iPads. It has been minutely discussed how the device affects the way websites are built and designed. So this is the scenario that is advised to the designers:

  • Use JavaScript and CSS
  • Create interactive web design instead of complex designs
  • Deliver adaptable websites