How to Boost Your Business with 2014 IT Trends

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 17, 2013

How to Boost Your Business with 2014 IT Trends
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Catching up with the latest technological news will provide you with helpful insights about how to organize the working process and give you a significant advantage over your competitors. Let us suggest you some ideas as for this.

  • Work on a mobile device You may feel comfortable working at a cumbersome PC at home but you have more chances to do your job on a mobile device in future since it’s much more comfortable. Laptops are rather popular now but we can see how quickly smartphones and tablets have gained their spread recently. They are fairly expected to be business champions in 2014 so it makes sense to improve some of their features. Particularly to be a sure companion at work they need a long-life battery, somewhat larger screen, Internet access anywhere, Bluetooth connectivity with any other device.
  • Install cross-device software Using a tablet at work and a PC at home will definitely lead to the problem of software that does not support all the OS platforms you use. It means that you have to create a different working environment at every device and get used to it for a long time since every time you install not the one and the same program but its prototypes. To eliminate this inconvenience many publishers already make software usable on multiple platforms, or cross-device software. Using these will save money, time and make your working activity more comfortable and easy.
  • Bring Your Own Device Since it so handy to work on your own device in any place, employers also encourage workers to bring their computers to work for one more reason – it boosts productivity significantly. Research reveals that two thirds of executives now let their employees work on their own device at the office and such employees give better results. First, they are comfortable to work in their usual environment. Second, they are more likely to work outside the workplace. Given such convenience for both employers and employees, the Bring-Your-Own-Device tendency (BYOD) will sure continue to exist in the years to follow. Of course such practice may also have some hidden dangers like a security problem for instance. So, do not forget about software testing. There is always a chance that some strategic business data be let outside the company and this arouses the necessity of proper preparatory courses for employees who BYOD.
  • Use the Cloud One of the most useful IT inventions for business management now is Cloud. This is software that let the company staff operate business data on every device in the company network. That means that several people can simultaneously work in one and the same file of the system without disturbing one another. You also will have access to all the company data in any place where there is Internet connection. This system definitely has great prospects for doing business in future but again the problem of data security still remains unsolved.

Thus we have briefly outlined the main possible ways of IT and business cooperation. As business today is fully computer-based and goes mobile speedily, it becomes more reasonable for companies to incorporate modern IT trends in their work.