How to Choose a Really Great Domain Name?

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 30, 2014

How to Choose a Really Great Domain Name?
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A fine domain name is of first things related to your brand people are seeing. It is what they will be bookmarking and typing in their browsers as well as Google over and over. Now that domain names vary from simple .com or .org to something narrower as, say .blog or .sports this matter is becoming more and even more important. Let’s get things clearer with simple guidelines.

  1. You are never to consider your own domain name as something temporary. Surely it may be changed later on, but it will cost you a lot regarding the name itself and the costs you have already spent on marketing. And what about all the redirections and backlinks you already have from other sites as well as all the bookmarks, etc.? Consider your domain as something solid and permanent.
  2. .com is not the only player on the field. And it is not the ultimate solution as well. Truly it is of the most often used extensions and it is universal to some extent but then there are many more extensions that may just fit in better. Try choosing something that is from your are of interest. If you are a news portal try .news.
  3. Use keywords in your domain name. This step requires research yet if all is done well the benefits will be incredible. But don’t use key words only. There are many nice little personalization words you may use like ‘your’ or ‘pro’ or whatever. Remember, there is always I in iPhone. Use that to get more advantage.
  4. Know your target audience. Use professional slang, jokes, etc. As long as all is clear and understandable. Such an approach will make you even closer to your TA.
  5. Do not combine words into one as this may become confusing and even lead to unexpected results. What is meant is words like ‘your’, ‘best’ and ‘site’ are better separated rather than combined into something as grotesque as ‘yourbestsite’. You rea to watch out for typos and misspelled words as one letter placed badly may change a lot.
  6. Avoid registered trademarks, hyphens and underscores as well as numbers that are replacing words like 4.

You are also free to search for ready domain names of high quality on various resources, or reach out to a professional SEO services provider.

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