How to Choose PHP Framework Suitable for Your Project

QArea Team by QArea Team on November 16, 2012

How to Choose PHP Framework Suitable for Your Project
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Nobody’s immune to mistakes when choosing software framework. Of course, we want our web applications run smoothly, thus the wrong one may bring you additional issues. QArea would like to share experience to make your choice correctly the first time and let you get the best performance possible out of the framework.

What should be considered when choosing the framework?

  • Database support – this is very important aspect which shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, if you use Oracle or SQLite you can choose Kohana framework. In case if you are looking for framework with MySQL support you can choose CodeIgniter. Also make sure the database server supports this database type.
  • Community support – community is one more important thing should be taken into account. Community support helps you in difficult times when any issues arise regarding the framework. Check community website to make sure you’ll be provided with advices.
  • Documentation support – you should be alert when see the framework without any instructions or guide. The framework must have up-to-date documentation that answers problematic issues.
  • Model View Controller Architecture – make sure the framework has Model View Controller architecture. Also quality frameworks provide users with plug-ins, libraries, extensions and more.

So let’s overview the main mistakes as a result of wrong framework choice.

The common 4 mistakes committed when choosing framework

  1. Small framework with poor support
    Usually, small frameworks are developed by programmers with not rich knowledge in PHP. Also such frameworks are inconclusive.
  2. Hard to use and to understand framework
    If you are not experienced PHP developer it can be hard for you to easy utilize complex frameworks. But don’t forget that you are going to work with this framework, so it should provide you with set of required options.
  3. Database and web server are incompatible with the framework
    This is very common mistake when you excited by discovered “perfect” framework. So don’t forget to check the technical requirements.
  4. Derailing from the recommended installation process
    In case of wrong installation process many problems could arise which you won’t be able to solve. So, try to follow the instruction thoroughly to avoid wasting time for further application development.

Well, now you are aware of possible mistakes related to your choice and you know that not every PHP framework supports required database. Also it should have helpful community and provide you with easy to follow user guide.

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