How to Create Perfect Value Proposition for Your Product In Just 5 Steps

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 10, 2017

How to Create Perfect Value Proposition for Your Product In Just 5 Steps

If your business needs to clearly state why your software products or services are better, different and worth purchasing, like any business does, you must work out a successful value proposition. This is especially the case for small businesses and their owners who have no big name in the market yet, because if you lack brand recognition you will want to paint a perfectly clear picture about why people should pay money for your software development services.

The problem is that many businesses just can’t exactly nail down what their value proposition is and how to emphasize it.

So what does “value proposition” mean?

As Wikipedia puts it, value proposition is promising your customers some value to be delivered and their belief that they will experience this value. In reality, however, it boils down to mastering the way of clearly expressing the reason why people should buy from you and making your site and customer experience in accord with this idea. Your effective value proposition can consist of slogans, headlines, visual elements, etc. concluding the same idea why your product is worth buying.

Why does it matter?

Numerous pieces of research show that people tend to pay more attention to some specific facts, especially those relating to some benefit they desire. Taking this principle to your armory, you’ll be able to attract lots of customers fast.

Creating a winner value proposition

Your main objective is to show in what ways your product or service is different and better than others.

You can do this by:

  • Giving your product some relevancy to the customers by telling outright which problem it solves and how it improves their present situation
  • Placing priority on the point of your product’s difference which is actually the reason it’s going in front of competitors in some visible way
  • Quantifying your offer’s value for customers by naming some specific benefits

Given these principal points, here are the exact steps you should take to achieve great results with building your value proposition.

5 Steps for Success:

  1. Put It Plain

Ever landed on a website’s homepage and found yourself guessing at what were they even selling? That’s a sign that not only value proposition, but an offer itself is unclear. Beware of such a mistakes on your site. Yoy can read more about web site creating at our blog.

  1. Find a Distinctive Feature

It’s true that there some points of parity which don’t make you different from competitors and simply selling the benefits all your customers will expect to see isn’t always a way to go. When a number of companies are competing to solve the same problem with their products, you have to compare their products to yours from as many sides as possible and find at least one element which is different in your product, and then persuade customers this is the reason your product is actually better.

  1. Use the Customer’s Language

The first thing to avoid here is professional jargon and “wallpaper copywriting” which makes everything sound the same, doesn’t communicate your original traits and makes customers bored. Instead, you should use lively language familiar to your audience so that your text offer would make them feel like you are reading their mind. Of course, it will take some research to know exactly which words it’ll be better to use.

  1. Support Your Idea

Many conversion studies you must have seen feature a number of persuasive elements that can be used to support the impact of your value proposition and make it even better. Among the most effective supportive elements are customer testimonials, assurance phrases, and social proof. Other also include such things as no setup charges, free shipping, unlimited usage or license, no long-term contracts, etc.

  1. Learn Your Customers’ Needs

So the difference point is clear and well separates you from competitors. But how do you make people recognize your benefit is really worthy? Here are a few factors people get attracted by: newness, customization, high-usability design, prestige. To highlight your beneficial value proposition, you can also use commonly recognized benefits for customers such as reduced costs, superior performance, reasonable price, convenience, etc. But what is the most important, you should be true with people and emphasize only those benefits you really can offer them.

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