How to Earn Money Online Developing Software

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 25, 2012

How to Earn Money Online Developing Software
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Earn money online

It is not surprising that software applications development presents a good opportunity to earn money online. Below you will find a set of useful steps to achieve this.

  • If you want to make money online from home you are free to create various types of software according to your skills and knowledge. You can create software applications for desktop PCs, tablets, and mobile phones, of course. Developing games are also popular as well as developing web based applications.
  • After you have developed software, you have to sell it. There are lots of market places and stores where you can sell your software applications. Google Marketplace is a perfect place for trading. You just have to create an account there, pay $100 as a fee. As soon as you have an account, you can start putting your software for selling.
  • If you want to develop an installable Google Marketplace listing you should develop and merge the created applications with Google Apps, using Google Apps extension points or APIs. Do not forget to include the necessary combination with Single Sign-On.
  • As next comes developing Application Manifest, which will assert the essential configure information for your application.
  • Now it is a high time to make a list of your apps in the Apps Marketplace. Choose an option with the help of which you application could be installed. You can either sell it or give it for free.
  • After that the application can be installed and tested in your personal domain of Google Apps.
  • At last, you can present the application for approval, after which it will appear in the Marketplace. This is a perfect idea to earn money online by developing software.
  • There are a lot of freelancing jobs offered for a software developer. Do not hesitate to surf through a couple of them.
  • If you plan to earn at home by developing software, just develop software which is in demand – you will get more customers and as a result more profit.

However there are some advantages and disadvantages concerning developing software at home. If you develop software at home you have a great possibility to take various kinds of projects, thus improving your knowledge. You are not attached to any office or bosses. Yet, you will have to face an incredibly high level of competition among other software developers, who earn money freelancing.