How to find investors: 12 Californian business angels

QArea Team by QArea Team on November 16, 2017

How to find investors: 12 Californian business angels

It is a great tendency to notice that investing startups are actively growing and developing. All this is made possible primarily because of the business investors from California. Who are these angels generously giving money to realize our dreams? Check the list of the most active investors and conjure your project for success (even if it is only at the idea stage).

The main question of mankind – to be or not to be? – has today transformed into a much more pragmatic – where to find money for the project? As they always do, angels are here to us to give not only an answer, but also money. If you have a startup, we at QArea can provide you with the best-in-class solution (check out our services for startups). Last hitch remained is financial support, which is not a big problem since startup fundraising becomes accessible with angel investing.

According to Kaufmann report, while older companies lose 1 million jobs annually, new companies create 3 million jobs during the first year. However, 65% of startups collapse due to the lack of finance and angel investments within 4 years.

As a leading source of capital for the innovation economy, angel investors reach $20 billion per year in their activities. Who are those lucky bastards able to easily find an angel investor? They simply know where to look. We have made the list of business angels from California who can help with startup funding.

marc andreessen

Marc Andreessen

Twitter:  @pmarca

Number of investments: 42

The real rock star of investing. Runs influential Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, whose successful investments include Instagram and Oculus VR.

clark landry.jpg

Clark Landry

Twitter:  @clandry

Number of investments: 79

With 15+ years experience as an investor and entrepreneur, Landry prefers projects related to advertising, e-commerce, real estate, and social media.


Steve Bennet

Twitter:  @ProfessorVC

Number of investments: 38

As an experienced advisor and CFO, Steve pays special attention to perspectives and reach success with the start-ups primarily in the software, the Internet, and mobile sectors.  

steve anderson.jpg

Steve Anderson

Twitter:  @standers

Number of investments: 45

Instagram’s first investor and Baseline founder is inspired about transforming early-stage companies into change effective enterprises.

elad gil

Elad Gil

Twitter:  @eladgil

Number of investments: 51

Airbnb and Pinterest’s investor and entrepreneur is interested in commerce, SaaS/Dev, and social media.

bob zipp.jpg

Bob Zipp

Twitter:  @amicu5

Number of investments: 25

Investor and layer focused on e-commerce, SaaS, enterprise software, cloud computing.

sam lessin.JPG

Sam Lessin

Twitter:  @lessin

Number of investments: 32

Ex-Product manager of Facebook invests in informational technologies.

benjamin ling.jpg

Benjamin Ling

Twitter:  @bling0

<p” align=”right”>Number of investments: 85

This investor held senior operations roles at Google and Facebook and currently works at Khosla Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on environmentally friendly technologies.

max levchin.jpg

Max Levchin

Twitter:  @mlevchin

Number of investments: 70

PayPal co-founder is ready to invest in low-cost sensors of all types, near-ubiquitous wireless broadband, and advances in distributed computing and storage.

jeff Clavier.jpg

Jeff Clavier

Twitter:  @jeff

Number of investments: 193 ranked him as one of the Top 50 Early-Stage Investors in Silicon Valley invests in mobile/cloud saas, marketplaces, monetization infrastructure, and e-commerce.

paul Graham.jpg

Paul Graham

Twitter:  @paulg

Number of investments: 13

Entrepreneur and computer scientist best known for his former startup Viaweb (later renamed “Yahoo! Store”).

michael jones

Michael Jones

Twitter: @mjones

Number of investments: 35

This investor is looking for excellence and passion picking out projects related to social media, digital media, consumer internet. GoodReads’ investor.

Investing is not such a big problem for those who believe in success and read QArea. So if you are among people inspired by the innovative idea, contact us!

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