How to Get Your Project Done With an Outsourcing Site

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How to Get Your Project Done With an Outsourcing Site
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Outsourcing has gone mainstream and you are now able to complete your project via the Internet by hiring individual developers or development teams at outsourcing sites. Here you’ll find how to do it smartly.

Which outsourcing site to choose?

The top 5 outsourcing sites are oDesk, Guru, Elance,, and vWorker.

Your choice should depend on your type of work. If you prefer hourly work, it’s better to choose oDesk. If it’s a one off project, and Guru are more suitable as they provide a process for upload funds in escrow. For project-based work, it’s usually good to use vWorker.

An outsourcing provider based in the US can be easily found on Guru while Elance requires providers to pay in order to be listed. This procedure well eliminates some lower quality providers and though you pay more, you also get a better result.

Individual or team?

There are usually two available types of workers on such sites – individuals and teams.

Hiring an individual you get a closer and more personal collaboration and you can learn and get used to that person’s working style.

At the same time, a team provides you with more freedom of technical requirements and ensures better discipline. Synergy and common experience are the most important advantages of hiring a team of workers.

How to post projects requirements properly?

According to the accuracy and detail of your projects requirements, you can expect the respectively performed job. Consider the following important tips on proper requirements posting when you are working through outsourcing sites.

  • The description should be written in such a way that even a child understands it.
  • Set milestones so that your workers get paid according to these.
  • It’s a good idea to let someone read your description of the project to get feedback from people outside your company.
  • Invite the workers matching your required experience. Mind their last sign-in date.
  • Sign an NDA agreement with your workers to protect your ideas and intellectual property.
  • In case you don’t want attention drawn to your business, make a job description a bit vague and discuss things outright with your potential workers in person.
  • Another good idea to check how serious the person is about your job is to put a small test somewhere in the end of the description (e.g. some particular word) so that you know they read it to the end.
  • Use some visual media to illustrate your ideas more clearly.
  • Name your project so that it sounds original and intuitive.
  • Post the job to the geographic regions to your liking.

What about direct hiring?

Outsourcing sites are a good option if you need to complete a project-based work. But it’s recommended to hire staff directly if you are interested in long-term cooperation and security of your product.

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