How to Increase ROI from a Website?

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 3, 2015

How to Increase ROI from a Website?
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So you have a website, meaning you have invested both time and dollars towards the development process. Now, that you are live on the internet, isn’t it time to consider some money returned to you? How do you measure ROI (return on investments) and what should you do to enlarge it?

  • Start from your content. You may have preferred the dynamic content model at some point meaning your site does not use common web pages, those are created on demand instead. This is a great solution, but you must ensure its search engine-friendly. So if any content is demanded, the ASP web page generated may be overfilled with numbers and question marks. That is inapplicable as search engine bots fear such data disposals. They simply may be caught in a loop. So double-check this one, really.
  • Don’t get location-oriented too much, especially if your target audience is not restricted by your home area. Your content may be applicable in Wales, whilst people from Asia will either not get any lingual catchphrases or jokes you are accustomed with and, in the worst case scenario users may even be offended. And besides, all that there are many differences in key words people use, like in America the word “drugstore” is more custom then “pharmacy” and you have to gain advantage from such differences, not neglect them.
  • Ensure all your contact details are always visible. This will deliver magical results!
  • Use CSS, Tags, and Titles. Thus you4r website will gain more weight in the search engine bot’s eyes.
  • Every single page you have on your website has to be unique. It has to be different in structure, key words and titles from both all pages the web already offers as well as from your other pages.
  • Do not create content for search engines. Thy will not appreciate such an approach, however user-oriented pages will be most welcome by everybody involved. You can’t just dump a list of keywords in some place in hope such a strategy will work for you.
  • Gain from web design tricks, highlight parts that sell, use call-to actions, and turn UX and UI design into your primary weapons.  Guide people gently towards actions you require them to perform.

Once all is done you will be absolutely astonished from even a mere glance on your ROI.

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