How To Keep Up Mobile Users’ Interest To Your App

QArea Team by QArea Team on January 14, 2014

How To Keep Up Mobile Users’ Interest To Your App

A huge amount of mobile apps are available on app stores today. When looking at the number of downloads most of them have, it seems that they are extremely successful. But in reality, researches show that up to 90 percent of mobile apps are deleted after the first use. It brings us to a thought that the first experience must be outstanding; and once not impressed by the app after installing users would hardly open it once again. They don’t forgive such mistakes.

Therefore, one of the main goals of the mobile apps developers is to have something about the app that would keep users come back to it. Let us take a look at several ideas that would help you to achieve this goal.

Bring something new to your users every time they return to your app

Think about your app and try to find some value people can get if they open it for the second time and many times more. Engaging people and kindling their interest is not as simple as it seems. Every time they use your app their experience has to be built on the previous time. And the more they use it the more engagement it should cause. In fact, the value of the app is in coming back to it more often. And this value should grow with the growing of audience. Just think of the most popular social apps as Twitter. The more twits you make, the more responses you get and the more value you receive when returning to it each time.

Provide users with immerse experience

Most of all, people don’t like to be distracted by useless steps or information. The more flowing and immersing your app is the more users will like it. Try to remove all the diverting elements or uncertain and unobvious steps that people must take in order to use or share your app. At the same time, all the needed actions must be in view for users to know what they can do.

Effortless sign-in

The important thing is to organize registration and authorization in a right way. People don’t like creating multiple accounts. Offer them a one-tap sign-in via the most popular social platforms as Facebook and Twitter. Not only will it be easier for users but also will grow your audience.

Wide sharing possibilities

No need to say that sharing is an integral part of any successful app. Provide users with wide range of sharing opportunities with just one tap. The number of invited users determines your success, that is why implementing sharing should be one of the basic processes during the creation of the app. Try some unusual ways to encourage users to invite their friends. You can provide this opportunity at different stages in the app, for instance, let users share not the app itself but their achievements in it. In other words, connecting with others, sharing and inviting friends must become a part of a daily app usage.

Send motivating notifications

Waiting for users to come back to your app themselves would be quite a thoughtless decision. They need to be unobtrusively motivated to do this. Keep pulling them back in by sending useful messages. Those should not be annoying notifications but friendly reminders and rewards proposing to invite friends or see some new features of the app. Also, give users the possibility to disable notifications or make them flexible to adjust.

Reward users for things you want them to do

Rewards are a great way to engage audience. Those can be exclusive themes, extra storage, new character, discounts, a free upgrade etc.  But rewards will become even more effective if to target them on certain actions users can do. For example, inviting a friend. Give rewards for every invited person who started using the app. Moreover, you can give gifts to friends who received the invitations, too. It would prevent your users from feeling guilty for getting rewards of their friends. Also, you can include some hidden rewards to your app. Making surprises is a great way to increase your audience’s loyalty.

Be valuable for a single person

Although everything is about sociality today, your app must have a certain value to a lone person. One would start inviting friends only if he liked using it on his own. There should be something useful and meaningful that users can do in your app without inviting friends. And with increasing the audience the app value increases as well.