How to know if your Apps are cloud-ready?

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 17, 2013

How to know if your Apps are cloud-ready?
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Cloud is continuing to gain power and strength as technologies enhance day by day. Businesses are adapting Cloud-ready apps.

Many organizations are moving their servers and applications to cloud surroundings to enhance the use of computer and storage frameworks. To apply frameworks resources in shared environment is cost-effective. This is only one of the advantages the cloud can bring on.

There are other cloud advantages. But an application must be adapted for the cloud, only after businesses can get the benefits. Cloud applications offer plenty of advantages, from a more cost-effective infrastructure to fewer administrative demands and a reduction in management headaches. But the cloud is not for every application.

Are your enterprise applications ready for the cloud? The perception among CIOs is that enterprise applications in the cloud aren’t ready for prime time but that internal applications are perfectly suitable for cloud deployment. But how do you really know whether your apps can be deployed to the cloud? – Questions you should ask yourself to make sure that your applications and your customers’ applications are ready for the cloud.


You need to keep in mind what your application may have to do in the future. It is important when deciding about the migration. Cloud offers a great scalability for your application. How that corresponds with business needs?


When the application is simple, to keep it secure is simple as well. The question here is if the application is going to be less secure by migrating to the cloud, then why to risk the migration?


It makes little sense to move an app to the cloud if it won’t be more cost-effective to run in that environment. After using technology for about eight years, shifting it to the cloud is not the most cost-effective solution.


Applications with little number of integration points are the most cloud-friendly. The fewer the number of points of integration with other applications, the easier it is to set up the application in the cloud successfully. Applications that are completely independent are the best choices for cloud deployment. Are your applications independent?


Simply-designed principle applications are good for cloud. Complex applications can be challenging to port to the cloud, but simpler applications can be moved much more easily and be ready to go in a short period of time.

One thing is for certain, the migration of applications to the cloud will continue to get its power. For most companies, they do not hesitate to move their applications to the cloud, it’s just a matter of time!

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