How to Know Your Startup Needs a Tech Boost: 5 Sure Signs

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2014

How to Know Your Startup Needs a Tech Boost: 5 Sure Signs
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When you feel overwhelmed by business, but still feel hesitant if you should make a switch to some tech tools and leave your familiar system of doing things behind, the right way to go is to start using some up-to-date tech solution that could simplify your daily operations or else you are going to waste your precious limited resources and time. Latest solutions, instead, will help you get a competitive edge while saving time for rest and family.

To help you overcome your hesitation, these are the first signs you need new tech for your business and why you need it.

  1. Working at home, falling asleep at the office?

Most people think that’s OK that startup owners work all day long, because they have to keep business moving, but this doesn’t mean you have no way of balancing your work and personal life. Whenever you need some time for yourself, there are multiple Internet phone systems, apps and email management programs that can reroute your incoming work communications.

  1. “Spreadsheet accounting system”

When you are constantly on the go, local spreadsheets with their countless tabs and different file versions are not the best effective solution for tracking your business finances. Instead, try a cloud-based finance management tool which would help you effectively manage the data from anywhere and rid you of a headache at the end of the tax season.

  1. “What am I today?”

You are both the company’s C-suite and its owner that makes you spread too thin while spending more and more time on accounting, marketing or HR tasks. Nothing can last forever and nor do you. It’s better to think over an automated solution to streamline these essential business processes and strengthen your own role.

  1. Social media are not only about teens anymore

While most startups realize the importance of their social media activity, many still can’t find enough time for that. However, if you get a social media monitoring solution, you’ll be able to track brand mentions, answer your customers and have a better idea of social media conversations around your company in a more comfortable way.

  1. Growing out of tech

Once your business experienced a significant growth, chances are the tech you started out with doesn’t serve your business needs as well as before anymore. Therefore, whenever you have employee growth, business services expansion or new apps introduction, reavaluate the software you’re already using and make sure your tech capabilities are in line with your growing demands.

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