How To Make Real Money In Virtual Worlds? VR/AR Drives Mobile App Development

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 3, 2017

How To Make Real Money In Virtual Worlds? VR/AR Drives Mobile App Development
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Software Development in AR/VR is going to rise digital marketing to new heights. How to snatch the part of cake? What company fits better for development of your own virtual mobile app and it’s real monetization? Read about that in QArea’s blog.

Sudden grenade explosion stuns private Jacoby and his platoon of Navy “Seals” in Bolivian jungle. But few hours later the soldier enjoys family dinner in his Minnesota-home and sings lullaby for 5-years daughter.

Roadside Pizzeria in Texas shows it’s ads and daily menu in drivers’ GPS devices when they approach particular road section of the route 35. Sales have tripled.

The Stockholm office of young start-up has neither flipcharts nor screens. Still, when investors enter the room the impressive presentation fills the expanse with 3D-charts.

What’s common between Navy jungle trainings, a small pizzeria in Texas and a hi-tech start-up in Stockholm?

All of them use Virtual Reality technologies for their tasks.

American soldier kept safe because the jungle as well as the grenade explosion were parts of Virtual Reality simulation. Pizzeria integrates ads in Augmented and Virtual Reality GPS devices tempting hungry drivers and directing them straight to it’s doors. Stockholm investors enjoyed the 3D presentation via AR glasses.

Time’s changing

Just like the Internet in 2000 changed the way we live, AR/VR is going to change the way we make business by 2020.

Healthcare, warfare, aviation, navigation, construction, and education are just some of niches where AR/VR custom software development is going to become vital during the following years.

Media & Ads Opportunities

Media and advertisement may become one of the most potentially profitable realms of AR/VR in private sector. AR penetrates to human’s life with incredibly real 3D images evoking delight, favor, concern or even fear. That’s why AR has all chances to become leading and extremely efficient marketing channel. Ebay, together with Myer, Australia-based retailer, has launched “Shopticals” – devices which allow to study tiny details of 12,500 products on their e-commerce platform in VR. Experts are already confident that VR e-commerce is also very profitable niche of VR usage. And highly competitive as well.

How much Nike pays for displaying stars wearing brand sneakers?

Nowadays celebrities can join people (virtually, of course) on morning jog by using AR applications for fitness.

Or imagine how much would Toyota pay for putting user into luxury interior of new Camry during 5-second YouTube 360 Ad.

The market is becoming hot. But plenty of opportunities are still patiently waiting for enthusiasts ready to come and snatch their part of a cake.

Are you already passionate about using VR for your business? We in QArea carefully examine numerous digital opportunities and watch the trends of VR/AR apps. Both web and mobile development can be done with our specialists. We use dedicated teams and other models of cooperation to be suitable for our 500+ clients.

Virtual Reality Software Development

Mobile application development is quite long and expensive process. Especially when we speak about VR/AR Application development. QArea is a company which is ready to assist you in developing award-winning AR/VR application. We like challenges. It inspires us to use the latest technologies. For example, we already use JavaScript (instead of Unity 3D) for AR/VR development. That became possible just few months ago and opened door to the usage of stunning VR technologies in the web.

Draw closer the moment of your real success – contact us to discuss your virtual reality project.

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