How To Make Your Site The Ultimate Internet Rock-Star?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 6, 2014

How To Make Your Site The Ultimate Internet Rock-Star?
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Stage entrance

Every superstar or even performers with less experience that even you might have now one thing for certain. The entrance matters. It’s like the 90% of success. The first impression of the audience will set the tone of the whole concert. If it’s good – you are on the horse, if it’s foul, well, then you might have a very hard time trying to get the love of the people back.

The same here. Nowadays internet is crowded with resources of all kinds and your page can be replaced with ease. That is what users believe. You’ll have less than a minute to attract the attention of the person visiting your page for the first time. Or he will just continue surfing.

Your entrance is your homepage? Wrong. Well it is, to some extent, yet quite more users are finding the required content via search engines like Google. So any deep-level landing page, found via key-word search might become your stage. Thus be always prepared.

You, of course, can rely on an outsourcing company yet if you are interested in working on your own – here we go.

So how do you make a splendid first impression?

Never forget of your brand. The company’s colors, logos, main ideas have to be followed through every page. The layout, the content, the icons, everything has to point on your company and its business. Forget boring navigation links like ‘Home’ or ‘History’. Have a style. Remember that navigation has to be easily understandable, yet it does not need to be banal. That’s how you need to design the page.

Be yourself!

When developing a site for yourself or your company never forget what males you unique. Every star is absolutely overfilled with charisma, why shouldn’t your site be? So before you start developing Information Architecture, business plan, marketing and design strategies try finding out what makes you different, unique and standing out.


A dramatic pause is something capable of giving the performer a Grammy or an Oscar. The closes we have to that are white spaces (the space between text, photos, etc). Yes they are crucial to default usability, yet they have so much more to offer. Right usage of it is capable of focusing all your users’ attention on the info you want them to focus on. That power is not to be underestimated while site designing.


Everybody likes surprises, if they are pleasant, that is. Especially your audiences do like them. A great ‘wow’ is a splendid fishing hook. Nobody forbid motion nor interaction. Try to do your best for your content to be emotional, astonishment causing (in a pleasant way and not too much) and you have a win!

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