How to not Loose Marbles in a Crazy Development Schedule

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 30, 2014

How to not Loose Marbles in a Crazy Development Schedule
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Firstly you should know that every single person on your team is a separate personality and will handle stress in a very different way. And the last thing you want is your workers running around like crazy, trying to do something extremely important. The funny thing is that even they don’t know precisely what are they doing. Or, on the other hand some people will be sitting mysteriously quiet on their work places with only one thought: “we can’t make it on time, what to do?”. And there will always be a guy that just doesn’t give a damn, everybody has one. Not really productive, is it?

Being out of the schedule is a very often thing to happen to every software development company. You know, you’re late, they know that you’re late, everybody knows you’re late. But let’s do a bit of time-traveling and return to the beginning of the project. What had to be done?

At firs the entire team has to realize and understand the task. They have to know what you want from them and in what form should they give you the completed software you requested. The second thing you should keep in mind them that some projects are too big, making it impossible to get them done in the required timelines. That’s not a reason to simply rush your workers, they can’t jump over their heads. Try of thinking of an alternative, like decreasing the number of features the project has to have.

A lot depends on the project manager, so make sure he’s the right guy for the job. It is essential for him to respect the developers and to have an understanding of what they are doing. Sadly sometimes project managers are requiring too much without even realizing that it’s simply beyond any teams abilities.

Also you can’t afford to forget that a good project manager needs a good team. The worst scenario is when he’s doing all the work instead of managing. You have to agree that he’s there for a particular reason and it’s not just plugging all the holes.

You have to know all the strength and weaknesses of your team. You can’t play without knowing your cards, right? The same here, some developers require a lot of supervision, some are capable of working on their own and some are in the middle. But it’s a fact all of them have strong sides you have to know of and use as hard as possible. Giving them the right assignments is saving precious time.

Sort your project. Before you begin – try to disassemble it into smaller pieces. You will be amazed with how much may and should be tossed out as clutter and rubbish. That will save you tons and tons of time. Then you have to get certain with your priorities. Some things have to be developed immediately, some can be done later, way-way later (if you know, what I mean).

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