How to save Money at Every Stage of the Development Process?

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on January 30, 2020

How to save Money at Every Stage of the Development Process?

If you cut corners on your software development you’ll end up with a product that can’t meet user requirements. If you go full force on every stage, your development budget will skyrocket.

Is there a way to make this process and your budget under control? Yes. Beyond outsourcing your development, you can also lay down a solid foundation for future development. 

We have a few ideas for you.

Cut costs early: Planning and Business Analysis

This stage takes time and money, but it can give you a clear understanding of what the end-users need and expect. It’s great to have a business analyst with a strong technical background that could provide a full overview of the current market, think of the project scope and advise you on the core features.

If you don’t have such a person in your in-house team, you can outsource your business analysis. You will save a lot of time and money if you don’t try to look for a new person into your current team. When you work with a remote analyst, you pay for the task or for the number of hours spent on completing the task.

Prototype first

When you have an idea and you are not sure if you have too much time to build a solid software solution, you can be fine with low-cost prototype development. It will be a minimal version of your future application that you will get in a very short time. It can be from 4 to 10 weeks (or a bit more) depending on the number of screens, complexity of each screen and the technology stack.

This option will give you a ready-to-use application. You will receive feedback from your customers and have all the information for further app development.

Development and Testing

You can also think about cutting costs by outsourcing this stage of software development. This will let you significantly reduce costs and get access to a rich talent pool. Here you will have a few more issues that will influence the final product cost:

  • Agile methodology: If a team sticks to it, you will get a working product in a shorter time.
  • A clear roadmap: You should know where you go, where you are now and when you will reach the finish line.
  • Early involvement of QA team: The cost of the final product depends on the moment when you detect the bugs or some problems. The earlier you fix them the cheaper the app will be.
  • Communication and supervision: You should control the process and know what is being done and who is responsible for each task. It’s good to have regular meetups with the project manager.

If you build a mobile app for different operating systems, you can make it cross-platform. There will be no need to spend extra time or fire platform-specific engineers to develop another product version.

Release and maintenance

When you have reached the finish line and you have combined all the attempts to save costs, you will not end up with no money. You should be ready to receive some feedback from the app users about some problems. And there should be someone who can handle these tickets. If you just launch an app and you say goodbye to developers, you may lead to unsatisfactory results.

If you publish a mobile app on different marketplaces, you will let users rate the app. If you get negative reviews and you don’t fix the problems, you will end up with an overall poor rating. You will have to spend money on fixing problems and running a new marketing campaign to build a new brand image.

The first step to development is knowing your budget:

Low-cost software development

Can software development be absolutely free of charge? Well, if you do it yourself or with a team of developers for no money, you will save big sums. If you choose ready-to-use packages and libraries, design templates and so on, the cost of the software development will be equal to the bills for electricity, water or coffee that you drink.

If you need someone to help you and you have to buy some equipment for the process, you should think of reducing software outsourcing budgets. If to sum up all the information above, you should know exactly what you need, hire developers from offshore countries and have a QA engineer to make sure everything is working the right way.