How To Save Your Development Implementation From Failure

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on May 17, 2012

How To Save Your Development Implementation From Failure

Development implementation

According to some reports the failure rate of software development implementation reaches 71%. Just think of that – Seventy One Percent! That may be caused by the low level of developers’ training, lack of planning or wrong approach to the real-time testing. However, such failures may be avoided. Try to follow our recommendations and you’ll see for yourself that a new software development project may and must be successful!

Planning and strategy recommendations:


  • Focus extensively on the planning phase: specify the time frames and milestones for each part of your project.
  • Break down the project in simpler terms by spacing out the validation milestones in the gap of 20-30 days.
  • Broke every large development project into small segments to provide on-time delivery and a high rate of ROI.
  • While planning establish stage-by-stage execution and a weekly based targets to reduce a planning time and make it more efficient.
  • Make sure to provide as more technical resources as needed to avoid shortage.
  • To assure early accomplishment of the project make sure to implement the risk strategies throughout the development cycle.


Customer relationship recommendations:


  • At the stages of implementation and testing avoid feature creep state of the facts. Always try to promise less than you could do and deliver more than was expected.
  • Provide to you customers features that are easy to use rather than too complex and sophisticated.
  • Pay more attention to design and user interface avoiding heavy design and information overload.
  • Before starting a real-time coding phase make sure you know all the explicit specifications and needs which user may require.


Little else:


  • At the stage of testing use functional testing tools and industry standard tools to conduct stress testing tools and free-flowing tests respectively. Say yes to real-time testing!
  • Developers are an integral part of the software development process, that’s why you need to ensure discipline of excellence and team dynamics. And be ready to provide trainings if necessary.

However, it may be that despite your excellent planning and performance skills the software development project still doesn’t want to work properly. That means it’s time to look into weak points of your company. The problem may be caused by the low corporate spirit or insufficient work motivation. Try to pay more attention to the reward system and bonus plan for your developers and be sure it would come pat later.