How to Smartly Answer Negative Reviews on Social Sites in 6 Steps

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 15, 2014

How to Smartly Answer Negative Reviews on Social Sites in 6 Steps
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Hopefully, most of them are positive, but what do you do with negative ones to save your reputation and SEO? In the modern world everybody has his voice. Thus, your customers are free to talk, take pictures and otherwise interact with each other creating positive and negative buzz around your business. The bad thing about this is they are not always honest and well-intended.

On many social media platforms where your business presence is maintained, it’s possible to read hundreds opinions about your business. Hopefully, most of them are positive, but what do you do with negative ones?

Here are 6 sure tips that will help you painlessly respond to negative reviews and leave your business reputation intact.

  1. Always Respond

Great chances are your competitors find time despite their busy schedule for handling their angry customers. So should you. If your business is doing well, you probably get a few negative customer reactions, but it’s just as important to address them. When you are operating in the digital world, saying ‘I have no time for this’ won’t do you any good.

  1. Restate Complaints

When people are annoyed or upset, the first thing they want is being heard. That’s why in the first place you should apologize for the inconvenience.

  1. Don’t Make Excuses

Naturally, the first reaction of any person to the complaint is giving their reason making excuses like ‘We were short of staff’, ‘We were unusually busy that day’, etc. However, these send your customers a message that you don’t admit the mistake. The truth is they don’t want explanations and think it’s not their concern, that’s why it’s not worth it to risk excuses that sound like another attempt to pass your blame to somebody else. Instead, assure the customer you’ll try to make that right.

  1. Highlight Your Strengths

As complaints bring in a negative note, try to respond positively. First apologize, but then highlight you’ve been working in this business for many years, served hundreds or thousands of customers, always appreciated every one of them, and so on. Then make an offer to solve their problem.

  1. Resolve It

Resolving customer issues at any costs it takes is important since your reaction to negative reviews says about your business more than the positive ones. No matter who is wrong or right, it’s necessary to solve the issue in such a way that the customer is whole. Thus, if their complaint concerns one of your products, offer to receive it back without asking any questions. No matter the price you’ll pay, it is your chance to show other customers that you value them. Such situations may well be treated as cheap advertising instead of distress.

  1. Get It Off Line

Asking for verification is completely reasonable. If you’ve offered a refund of purchase, it’s your right to get proof that the person really shopped at your business. However, avoid doing this in public. Suggest calling or emailing for exploring details necessary for the refund.

Finally, don’t sweat it when receiving several bad reviews – they are perfectly OK for any business. What’s important is to answer them properly to show your care to customers. Again, if you get too many similar complaints about anything, it may be a valuable feedback that points out your actual business points which need revision.

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