How to Solve the Problem of Trust in Software Development Outsourcing

QArea Team by QArea Team on November 10, 2016

How to Solve the Problem of Trust in Software Development Outsourcing
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Outsourcing has a myriad of benefits, such as reduced costs, access to world-class talents and fully equipped  teams. It increases your focus on business-related things while technical aspects are left to professionals.

What’s more, sometimes this is the only or the most effective solution for a company which is looking for a high tech provider.

Alas, what is the point of arming your choice with those benefits when your heart has no trust for your potential partner?

Offshore developers don’t work in-house, you don’t know them personally, and can’t be sure that they won’t be transferred to another project, or that they won’t vanish into thin air one day. This makes you feel insecure, and may cause a lot of unnecessary headache.

In fact, it’s really a challenge to find highly qualified developers who will work remotely and who you can rely on. Retaining them is daunting.

That noted, even slight differences in reporting style of an outsourcing vendor that differ from what your team is used to can cause misunderstandings.

Grasp more tightly on a steering wheel!

Let’s take a look at ways the problem can be solved:

  • Standup meetings, calls, heavy usage of communication tools like Slack and Skype.
  • Representative offices all across the globe. This enables direct and convenient communication and discussions of all the project details.
  • Coming and getting acquainted with your team if you want to hire the whole team. You can stay with it for a while and make sure you get on well and understand each other.
  • Hardcore business intelligence tools, such as a performance dashboard.

A dashboard gives a perfect opportunity to:

  • Control the process of the project and its results;
  • Improve quality;
  • Enhance performance of software development teams to maximum;
  • Give better accountability.

In simple words a dashboard is the best tool to monitor contribution.

Benefits of digital dashboards

  • Simplified performance measurement;
  • Visual presentation of efficiency and inefficiency indicators;
  • Identification of low performance trends;
  • Generation of detailed reports showing new trends and tendencies;
  • Ability to make more informed decisions based on collected data;
  • Dashboards save time, money and nerve cells.

The key elements to a good dashboard

A performance dashboard should communicate ideas easily, should be simple and understandable, give no distractions. It should work according to the principles of human visual presentation of information.

Software development outsourcing can become a real merit if you know how to mitigate risks and manage to gain a tighter grasp on the process.

In simple words – you can trust a vendor if you actually see his activity 24/7 in a convenient, appealing way.

PS: Always remember not to take anyone’s word for it. In business, trust is built on data, not the other way around.

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