How To Write Awesome Code Every Single Day

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 6, 2015

How To Write Awesome Code Every Single Day

So you are in android application development? Or you, by all means, may be making an app for iOS or even a desktop application – it matters little in the end. Development is a job and requires appropriate attitude. You must be an actual professional to succeed, but knowledge of programming is not everything it takes to write software code that is 100% awesome on a regular, daily basis. Such a happening requires effort and determination as well as several skills you are to gain. Skills like:

  • Knowing what to do and (more importantly) when to do it. Have a to-do list for every single new day at work. You may write it during the morning as you are finishing your mug of coffee or in the evening in advance. That actually does not matter. What has actual power and value is the list itself. Complex activities are always hard to do, thus braking them into chewable parts is a great idea. Think of what you actually are to do and break it into a nice handy list. Thus, as an addition, you will have better understanding of the task, some precise goals you are to achieve and improvements in your estimating skills. You will know the exact amount of work you can do in a day for all to be of highest quality.
  • Go step by step. Leave the multitasking to Windows 10. You are not some kind of machine, are you? Various researches are proving that people are better at handling one task at a time. So focus on particular functionality you are developing, possible business logic flaws, etc. Don’t become Jack of all trades as you will fail in the end. Or end up with quality that’s not better than average. And, seriously, who wants average?
  • Have breaks. Your brain is not iron. It has to cool down for a while after accomplishing some jaw-dropping work. Have a timer or a thing of that sort. Half an hour working means you definitely should have a 5-10 minutes break. Don’t be too enthusiastic with breaks though.
  • Be sure your code is correct. Doing things right from the first time is way easier than just returning to them over and over. How to truly make sure all is well? Here’s my personal indicator that works in 95% cases: you are actually proud of the solution you’ve came up with and are finding it a great thing. The other indicator is that the solution has successfully passed at least one review. Show your work to somebody you respect as a coder. Get feedback. Be happy!
  • There always has to be a solution. Still, it has to be there on time! Being too late rather than sorry works only to a certain extent with programming. Sure if the compilation is taking one day more than expected you are to do it. All those “extra” hours may be considered as an investment into the future. However, when you find yourself stuck and you are with like zero solutions, leave the task be. Or find a solution to the problem that is easier. It may provide less quality yet it will be absolutely better than nothing. Be sure to document the potential risks and flaws as you are choosing the easy way.

 I truly hope these tips will be of assistance to your coding thus I am     humbly finishing this post and am wishing you all the finest of luck!