How Wrong Is Your App Store Optimization?

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 16, 2015

How Wrong Is Your App Store Optimization?
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An App that is easily found by users is the half way to success nowadays. The market is huge thus users are easily lost in the variety of offered solutions. Hence ASO was created. ASO stands for App Store Optimization. It’s like SEO for apple OS running apps. Rankings in the store matter. The higher your rating is the more visible will your app be.

Still many companies are doing ASO all wrong which leads to poor or even negative results. So what won’t you ever do in an App Store environment with your application in terms of ASO?

  1. Key Words are nice and all, yet your app’s description field and title are not the best places you may find for them. Don’t use too much keys as repeated words in the title or descript will only make things worse. Your application may even get suspended from the market if key words are misused. Use keys wisely and make them natural. Enjoy results.
  2. Title should be solid. If you are changing it too often your ASO strategy is poorly designed. Your title is one of the most relevant and valuable aspects. Often title changes lead to losses in rankings. How things work? Users are eventually downloading your app and are sharing news about it or leaving comments which is great for your ratings. However this process will be more difficult if the title is constantly changing.
  3. High Volume key Words will not be able of doing the trick on their own. If only things were that simple. Most searched key words are a nice practice you should implement in your title and or description, but they are far from being the soul ultimate strategy that will be working for you. First of all you are to make a list of relevant keys. After it is gathered and you are filtering it by the most searched parameter you are risking with loosing value due you are not focused on relevancy. Relevant beats most searched by all means.
  4. Google + Plugin rocks. Yes, even in an App Store. Positive feedback is always positive feedback and Google + is a great thing to harvest and use it.
  5. The last, but not least will be screenshots in your description. This is, perhaps, the most valuable part of ASO as quality of your displayed snapshots matters to every single user that is considering whether he or she wants your solution on their smartphone.

These 5 easy tips will allow you with better results in the App Market.

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