How You Can Get Testimonials and What You Should Do with Them

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 21, 2014

How You Can Get Testimonials and What You Should Do with Them
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People need reasons and proofs to trust others, especially when it is about their business. How will they know you are the right guy? Get the testimonials!

Here is a quick guide on how you can get testimonials from your clients and where you should apply them.

How to Get Testimonials

The key idea is just asking for them. Usually clients who are satisfied with your service are more than ready to provide you with a testimonial, but you have to initiate your request.

You can use several formats of requesting testimonials:

  • Letters of recommendation are very formal and usually used in cases like applying for some professional organization’s membership as a conference speaker, or structured activities of another kind.
  • E-mail testimonials are just e-mails from your clients telling about their appreciation of your work. This is one of the easiest formats of gathering testimonials, because you just have to ask your client for their permission to use these compliments.
  • Audio and video testimonials are extremely effective if your customers are willing to do the record. Potential clients are fond of see or hearing real people sharing their experience.
  • Form-based testimonials make it easier to provide feedback for your clients. These are standard testimonial forms requesting specific information.
  • LinkedIn recommendations present an easy way of giving clients an opportunity to deliver some feedback in public. Recommendations through third-party are better to be reviewed before posting.

An important thing is to ask clients whether you can mention their contact information, provide their name or site’s URL while displaying their testimonial. Naturally, a testimonial featuring a clear credit has much better impact than the one attributed to no one identifiable.

What to Do with Testimonials

There are many ways to use testimonials once you collected them.

The following are a few helpful ideas where you can apply testimonials:

  • Web site. Get your web site a testimonials page or place testimonials throughout the site strategically. If you are lucky to have audio/video testimonials, use service such as Bubble Testimonial or AudioAcrobat which will integrate your media files on your site.
  • E-mail signatures. It’s a good idea to place a short testimonial right at the end of your signature in business e-mails, or use them across all your marketing mailings.
  • Marketing materials. In case you often send out brochures and other printed materials, you can benefit from sprinkling them with testimonials and encouraging your potential clients to use your services.
  • Proposals. Make a testimonial sheet and include it under your proposals.
  • Personal motivation (bonus). Everybody has those challenging days when they need a boost. By creating a sort of motivation wall in the office including testimonials from your clients you’ll be always able to revive your spirits and have a great working day.