HTC Corporation

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HTC Corporation
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HTC Corporation is Taiwan based manufacturer of smartphones, High Tech Computer Corporation formerly. At first the company produced smartphones based mainly on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software, but beginning from 2009 it started to switch its essential focal point away from Windows Mobile to devices running on the Android operating system and from 2010 it also uses Windows Phone operating system.

HTC belongs to the Open Handset Alliance, that is a group of mobile network operators and handsets manufacturers devoted to the progress of the Android platform of mobile devices. The first phone offered for sale which was based on Android mobile device platform turned out to be the HTC Dream, sold as the T-Mobile G1 by T-Mobile in a large number of countries.

At the beginning when HTC was established it was definitely an original design manufacturer, marketing such devices as the T-Mobile MDA, the Cingular 8125 and the HTC Wizard. The company concentrated on telecom operators who wishing to pay a contract manufacturer for ordered products. Nowadays, a lot of HTC devices as for instance Uncredible, Evo 4G are sold and marketed under the HTC brand, so smartphones are still its chief focus.

HTC was ranked by Fast Company as the 31th the most innovative company world over on February 2010. According to Bloomberg report, HTC is considering whether to develop its own mobile operating system to rival with Google’s Android, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and Apple’s iOS or not.

HTC, Incorporation proved to be the 18th largest telephone company and the nation’s largest telephone organization. It was founded in 1952 consequently HTC company celebrates over 55 years of service to the public as a local leader in communications.

HTC offers the following services:

  • Digital Wireless
  • High-Speed Internet Access
  • Local telephone services
  • Long distance telephone and television service
  • Remote Recovery Services
  • Advanced business services

HTC Corporation is basically engaged in the development, research and manufacture of smart portable devices. The company offers are personal digital assistant (PDA) phones, Android phones and smartphones, touch phones and others. It supplies the products under the HTC brand name, including HTC Desire, HTC Smart, HTC Legend, HTC Wildlife, HTC Touch Pro and others. The Company distributes its products in domestic as well as overseas markets.

The approximate number of employees is 5.569.

The revenue obtained by HTC in 2010

Total amount

Operating income

Net income


Total assets

Total equity

$9.57 billion

$1.544 billion


$1.357 billion

$6.535 billion


$2.565 billion


The line of the most popular HTC smartphones:

  • HTC Smart (very clever, very simple)
  • HTC HD Mini (with the HD mini)
  • HTC Legend (is cut from a single piece of brushed aluminium)
  • HTC Desire (with a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor)
  • HTC Wildfire (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr at the same time)
  • HTC Desire Z (with a 3.7” touch screen and Qwerty keyboard)
  • HTC Desire HD (with a a super-fast 1Ghz processor and large 4.3″ screen)
  • HTC 7 Trophy (with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor)
  • HTC 7 Mozart (with the secret sauce is SRS WOW HD)
  • HTC HD7 (with the big 4.3” high resolution screen)
  • HTC Gratia (with compact and elegant design)
  • HTC Wildfire S (with a multi-window browsing)
  • HTC Desire S (The phone of the year, has a stronger and slimmer unibody design and a spacious 3.7 inch screen)
  • HTC Incredible S (with a stunning 4″ Super LCD screen)
  • HTC Salsa (with a new Facebook widget)
  • HTC ChaCha (with a QWERTY keyboard)
  • HTC Flyer (tablet with a superfast 1.5 GHz processor and a 7″ display)

If to consider the phone manufactures which use Android, HTC takes the fourth place in the league of producers of smartphones. Now it has 8% of market share, up from 5.3% in the first quarter of 2010.

A key to success

HTC introduces innovative new models of smartphones every quarter. It isn’t difficult to use HTC phones, they are clever but simple. The company provides a lot of free programmes, activities and training to guide users on the way to utilize the HTC devices. It expands its channels and after-sales services (HTC Care Authorised). HTC believes that the main key to success is innovation which allows capturing market share.