HTML5 Apps: How Great Are They?

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 21, 2015

HTML5 Apps: How Great Are They?
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Choices are hard, especially if you are a serious Enterprise and you have to come up with the perfect platform for your future custom or customized program. There is always a lot of pressure regarding such choices and numerous factors that ultimately depend on the right choice. Despite there is no correct answer and no perfect platform I will discuss several advantages HTML5 may provide you with.

What has changed?

We had Windows back in the day like the ultimate desktop OS that had an enormous reach for users. It was dominant all over the world making life a little bit simpler. Sure there were other OS’s, but they were not even nearly as well-spread. And today we have mobile devices that run on iOS and Android. Third impact on the industry, and even the world is enormous, and the choice of some particular platform became difficult, demanding and even vital to business. And they have also brought doom to the old model Enterprise software development relied on.

Native mobile web-apps are demanded and popular, however the word ‘native’ includes only one platform. Luckily we have HTML5, a newer technology that has already proven its value. HTML5 can easily be chosen as an alternative to a harder choice.

What’s so great in HTML5?

  • Let’s start from the fact your user-base expands colossally. HTML apps are not bond to any particular OS. A cross-platform solution does allow wider user reach and better access. And such a development choice grants additional flexibility as you can develop HTML apps and wrap them with native source code, or you can develop a native app from scratch and target others with HTMP apps. Choosing but one mobile OS will cut down a lot of your employees from offered resources. You don’t want that to happen, right?
  • HTML app development tends to be less expensive. If you are aiming at targeting all employees cross-platform applications will require less time, effort and resources to be developed. You will not be forced to simultaneously develop two (or more) apps for both Android and iOS. As a bonus, expanses on all sorts of native software required for development will be reduced.
  • You avoid app stores with HTMP apps which, in turn, grants you several more benefits and even further overall reduction of expanses. You will not be forced to wait for proper authorization of your app in the store. Nor you will have to wait for every single change you will be making in the app to be authorized.

Surely HTML5 apps are not some sort of panacea and are not even applicable to some projects, however they will be a great choice, if you do need a cross-platform app that will serve your needs and employee expectations.

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