HTML5 strong and weak points

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 27, 2012

HTML5 strong and weak points
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HTML5 is the most updated HTML version which is at present treated as the best standard and provides the newest and developed facilities to design and accomplish Web pages. Below are listed several innovative points and features that HTML5 users and developers can now enjoy.

  • it became possible to pull the content into a page with the help of ‘audio’ and ‘video’ tags. The elements are sorted by order and the developer should no longer do it manually as earlier. This convenient feature allows to control the diverse components via JavaScript than gives opportunity for more simple and effective usage.
  • HTML5 version is compatible either with pc and mobile device browsers and does not require peculiar settings and treatment.
  • if one wants to stop depending on Flash software and plug-in, ‘canvas’ feature is a convenient way out.
  • it is rather user-friendly that it became quite easy to drop a certain content from different locations and build a webpage. Current feature provides space to code-sharing and content-accessibility on any stage.

HTML5 significance for business world

If you wish to connect your business with HTML5, please be patient and ready to spend a certain time on it as the result to be obtained is worth waiting and working without cease. It is also reasonable to find a partner which can be surely relied on and which is ready to work with HTML5 and without much trouble change his point of view and business methods. Below you can find several advantages which HTML5 offers for creating business:

  • HTML5 is being constantly developed and updated, is getting more and more convenient and well-thought-out.
  • the same code can be developed once and then be used on several platforms that leads to less support and lower cost as a result. HTML is very common among IT-developers and designers community thus it is easier for them to cooperate with each other while working on the same project, that makes the whole process more convenient and fast.
  • the customers even being offline, now can reload a previously visited webpage as HTML5 provides the ability to store the data in the SQL database and not by cookies usage as earlier.

Just imagine how convenient it will be if the employees avoid purchasing the same device or every time developing a new application for each device type. In future with HTML5 web applications development, the mobile access to business society will improve greatly due to the fact that all devices based on HTML5 compatible browser will have the same potential to accumulate, compare and use data.

A fly in the ointment

Despite the fact that there is no such a great variety of HTML5 applications, they are confidently spreading over the Android and Apple applications market. This area is comparably new so there is a possibility to easily occupy a certain position on it, though the development and sales can require big investments and hard-working as it is necessary to explore the unknown ground and establish business there.

Currently, businessman are in reflection whether to be or not the HTML5 prospectors as not all the promises were completed and there are certain underwater stones connected with it. For instance, the issue with compatibility with Internet Explorer and the lack of HTML5 applications adopters are still acute points to be resolved. Taking into consideration that IE is quite popular browser, it is hardly reasonable to use a language that is not fully compatible with it. Internet Explorer is not compatible with all the features HTML5 offers, only audio and video tags are supported for the present time. Thus, despite the wonderful site you may have, you will definitely loose those clients who do not want to change the browser they’re using. Nevertheless, HTML5 is progressing very fast especially in mobile sphere. Although there is certain issue connected with this fact, a lot of money can be spent on development that can result in making the code rather cumbersome and requiring redevelopment later.