Huntress: Interview with Yana Stoika, HR at QArea

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

Huntress: Interview with Yana Stoika, HR at QArea
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Today I would like to introduce to you Yana Stoika, QArea HR Manager and the head of our headhunters’ team. Sorry, headhuntresses’ team, of course.

Knowing Yana, it’s very simple to understand ‘why a lady?’ She has this exceptional feminine gift to make a good impression on everyone with her shining eyes and cordial attitude. Her positive energy and psychological skills attracted to QArea the most valuable programmers and they never regret she cares about every single individual in the staff. There is no wonder, that Yana’s office is the most popular room to visit. All the people in QArea aspire to get there since whatever happens, Yana is ready to discuss a problem, to sort it out and to give advice.

However, Yana is the most dangerous person at the office… She is the one, who knows all the secrets here! I tried to get out some. – Yana, how did you start to work in HR and headhunting?

Quite unpredictably. I was educated as a software engineer and before I got to QArea, I had been working in modding. We were a small team of creative engineers who turned usual personal computers into something special. We decorated them, tested and finally a customer got exclusive machinery which looked like an orange, toy for a children’s room or cool business tool for an entrepreneur who likes to show off… But at a certain moment I got bored.

By chance, my friends from QArea team told me that an office manager was required, so I decided to try myself in more ‘human’ occupation. I was hired and… I didn’t become an office manager. There had been no HR department in QArea before I came and found my niche.

– What are the processes you settled during these 2 years?

I am responsible for the search of new employees, for interviews with applicants, for preventing shortage of people in each department. For me it’s the most important to make each person feeling comfortable in the office, so the main process for me is to stay optimistic and cheerful in any case.

My job involves innumerable tasks and there was a long way to find capable assistants for my department. I have interviewed many and finally I have found 2 talented girls, who are very helpful in human resources search.

– What was difficult in the choice of your team? What did you want to see in the candidates?

Oh, that was not that easy to find the right ones. The girls should have particular qualities to ‘hunt’ for the best minds and to bring them to the company. They should be dependable, determined, encouraging, brave. They need the art of acting and aptitude not to lose their confidence in difficult situations and not to show any negative emotions. Now I am happy to say that my new co-workers are radiant, they just bubble with enthusiasm.

– What do you like about your job the most?

For me it’s definitely communication and new contacts. In QArea I realize myself and get results, what is the best motivation.

– What is your achievement you are really proud of?

I’ve made friends with many-many developers in Kharkiv. And I must say that there are thousands of them in the city! Lots of very proficient software engineers came to work with us and I dare to think that it was mostly my personal achievement. 🙂

I always try to have informal meetings with potential employees to make them relaxed and see if they fit the company’s culture. Although we don’t hire everyone, I keep good relationship with all the applicants and this is my another achievement.

– Sounds wonderful! Do you know any special techniques how to make friends?

I just enjoy people.

– How does your ‘dream team’ look like?

One day I intend to increase my team and establish recruitment agency working not only for QArea, but for any company in want of excellent professionals. My ‘dream team’ girls will be able to deliver the best human resources to a client, whatever he seeks for.

Why girls? From my experience I know that I need personalities with deep understanding of others, feeling of responsibility, intuition not suppressed by logical thinking, maternal love to all the people and ability to make others happy with only a smile. I believe that only females can combine all these traits and such females I long for my ‘dream team’.

Well, most of the office secrets remained unrevealed. At least now I know that my personal secrets disclosed to Yana are secure as well. 😉