I Don’t Need No Silly App! Or Do I?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 3, 2015

I Don’t Need No Silly App! Or Do I?
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People are more mobile today than ever. The adaptation time has almost passed. By adaptation time I mean the process of applications getting as common as cars or computers or microwave ovens. Everybody has one and does not wonder why despite the fact mankind may easily survive without microwaves.

Yes applications are not something that was around for ages as Apple’s Store emerged in 2008 and Google went live with their Market a month after. 7 years and imagine the impact applications have caused on our world. And applications work for businesses as well. One might think that just for large corporations and teens with large startup dreams, however if you have a business you most certainly may gain from a mobile app if you put your mind to it.

Just remember how the internet was born. Back in the 90-es there was always this guy that knew that guy that knows a web developer that is capable of making a killer website for your business. I believe that worked out just well. Mobile apps are not a difference and we are in the end of their own 90-es right now.

What was introduced to the businessman along his first personal site?

Pioneers from businesses that agreed for website development faced a common issue. A website is barely enough for gaining profit from it after a while. Then came SEO, e-mail and social media marketing, newsletters and so on and so forth. It was all an important part of any online business and still is by the way. But apparently this shift has caused some major trauma to minds of business owners. Most of them see mobile and PC internet as two different countries at the very leas and after they have invested so much in the economy of their digital motherland why should they work for the competitors?

The catch is that internet is really one same place and the only difference is the screen size people are viewing it with. And to tell you the truth most people already prefer a smaller and more sensitive screen of their smartphone or tablet, meaning all your investments in your personal internet economy are being spread and wasted on mobile users and you are not even gaining a dime in return. How fair is that?

So do I or don’t I need a mobile app?

It depends. You may consider making a lovely mobile friendly website if your business is as small and lovely and you are currently not into large investments. This change has to be done for you site to stay in the flow, Google has basically left you with no choice.

Or you may actually require a mobile app that will most definitely work for you. Sure it’s a bit more expensive however it may be a wise investment if:

  • Your customers are a common audience
  • You can offer each other something valuable

How can I find the best developer for my app?

Now that is a very nice question of you to ask. Basically the same principals described above will work in this case as well. If you are a restaurant that offers food deliveries the best choice would be finding a developer that specializes in something similar to your occupation. He may be into development of applications granting discounts and bonuses or applications based on geographical locations and etc.