IBM Provides Free Cloud For Application Development for Students

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 18, 2011

IBM Provides Free Cloud For Application Development for Students
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JazzHub provides tools to assist developers comprehend how to collaborate to create apps for the smart devices which are rendering new levels of software design complexity.

At the Innovative 2011 conference, IBM launched a new initiative to bring more students into the collaborative software development world. JazzHub of IBM, a free cloud-based software development service that is targeted at putting IBM’s Jazz development environment to superior education environments.

IBM officials assert that the proliferation of smart devices is leading new levels of software design complicacy. It is expected that the demand for engineering skills and apps development will grow significantly, according to the U.S. Department of Labour, it also foretells that computer systems design and like professions will attach around 656, 400 jobs, and realize a 12% increase for the next decade, putting it among the top professions.

In expectation of the demand, IBM is aiming at fuel a paradigm shift within the software development process through equipping educational constitutions with JazzHub and other new collaborative software tools and projects to supply software development teams with the knowledge to efficiently build intelligent and very complex applications.

Initiatives of IBM include the settling of three new communities targeted at enabling various development teams to work more rationally. The tools that are associated with these communities are directed toward facilitating innovation among distributed team, allowing them to create software design skills which encourage the collaborative software development process.

IBM looks forward to providing the technology behind JazzHub for educational organisations that will help to understand how future developers are taught and educated, how to work in huge, cloud-based development teams. Rational Team Concert is the key technology that is offered by IBM. It is a tool that deploys social networking concepts to create applications through work-item tracking, incorporating tracking, continuous builds, highly configurable process support, source control management and iteration planning into a single tool which encourages interaction among users.

JazzHub empowers university teams to develop straight on IBM’s website for free and it serves as an open ecosystem for university students to create innovative and new software applications. The registered university teams may start development under a minute and deploy the project dashboards to estimate the status of the project, according to IBM.

JazzHub is inspired by IBM Rational Team Concert, that is a team-based development solution for agile as well as traditional planning, and provides software and systems engineering students with an ecosystem together with tools which make software deployment and development a social experience, as IBM stated in a release describing the initiative.

IBM pushes Ration Team Concert as an extensive platform for cooperation and offers SDK’s partner plugins, and other add-on elements and configurations that allow users to set to the platform to satisfy their specific needs.

While a panel discussion hosted at the Innovate 2011 event, panel moderator and marketing vice president at IBM Rational, Gina Poole said, “Colleges and other higher education entities are the breeding ground for new ideas and concepts, by encouraging collaboration during group projects, quality, speed and cooperation all increase, while advancing education.”

The main theme the panel concentrated on is that a new way of collaboration and thinking is required to develop very complex application development projects and the next generation of developers and programmers will need new collaborative understanding and skill sets to be able to create the next generation of apps.