IBM rolls out free cloud software development tool

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 7, 2011

IBM rolls out free cloud software development tool
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IBM Jazz Hub is for now directed at college work, but in the future it is expected to be a commercial service.

This week IBM announced a cloud-based collaborative software development tool which has being presented free to students for academic deployment only but it is supposed to become a commercial service to some extent in the future.

Named the Jazz Hub is available straight at, so the cloud-based software service is grounded on IBM’s software development tool Rational Team Concert. Especially aimed at deployment by college students, the Jazz Hub presents an idea from IBM to cheer up a new generation of software developers to operate more combined and in the cloud.

According to the release IBM announces collaboration tools for large-scale software development.

Harish Grama, the vice president of product development at IBM rational said that it is Rational Team Concert in the cloud, he spoke about the Jazz Hub in the course of his keynote presentation at annual IBM’s software developers conference, Innovate. So students may register in under a minute and begin software development in the cloud immediately.

Today IBM has thousands of students already who try it out and one professor of Florida University while attending the Innovate conference declared that she hopes to add use of the Jazz Hub to her course curriculum. According to her words she will include the Jazz Hub in her classes the next semester for design and system analysis.

Jazz platform of IBM that provides leading functionality for majority collaborative software development among software developers, software and quality testers, managers and everyone with responsibility for stating project requirements, has being introduced into several IBM software development products.

Thanks to the Jazz Hub cloud service, there is no installation or download required, as vice president of marketing at IBM Rational, Gina Poole stated. “Literally, within a minute, you can be registered and going on a project”.