If You Want Something Done, Ask a Woman

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

If You Want Something Done, Ask a Woman
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Inspired by Rudy De Waele’s ‘Women in Mobile’ interviews I decided to make my own lady-devoted page.

Why? Antoine de Saint-Exupery in his famous book ‘The Little Prince’ compared a woman with a rose. Well, I quite agree with this and when I look around in the office of QArea, I feel that I work in the garden – women take most of managing positions here. Even the name of the company is female! Definitely it’s not by chance. So I turned to our General Manager, Max Garkavtsev, who has grown this garden of flowers in our office, with a question: “Why do you want a lady for this job?” His answer was short. He only repeated the words of Margaret Thatcher: “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”

I asked QArea ladies what they really do. In the series of interviews with them I would like to introduce to you each of these young, good-looking, energetic ladies who manage to control the most complicated projects and to inspire our software developers at the same time.

The first from the rose garden – Marina Ryazanskaya, QArea Design manager. I would say that Marina is a perfect project manager with strong will and charisma. Marina has great imagination helping her to visualize what a customer wants, excellent communicative skills to make a picture clear to designers and patience to deal with both sides at the same time.

Here is Marina herself talking about her mysterious employment and trendy shoes.

– Marina, I’m a real fan of your works. You and your team have accomplished many projects already and all your productions are marvelous. What has helped you to develop your taste and sense of Beauty?

This question should be obviously asked to my parents. I think that sense of Beauty can’t be developed purposely. Exactly like sense of humor. You are either born with it or you don’t have it at all.

– I know very well that you had many job offers. What has brought you to QArea and what do you appreciate in your work here?

Oh, that was really a mystical event. I’ve got an opportunity to work at QArea for several times and each of them happened by chance finding QArea advertisement in newsletter, then working in neighbouring office for almost one year, accidental meetings with QArea employees etc. So one moment I decided to yield to my fate and as you see I’m here. Still I have no doubts that this choice was right.

– What are your main responsibilities in QArea?

I lead everything that has any relation to design. I work with both sides; I manage our team of designers and communicate with customers.

– QArea design department has excellent references and as far as I know all the customers are very pleased with your work. Can you share your secrets with us? What have you done to achieve these results?

It can be caused only by the fact that my job is my passion and I think this feeling is spread to everyone in my team.

– What is the most interesting experience/knowledge you have gained during your work in QArea?

The most interesting part of my job is of course communication with customers. I’ve learned to guess and foresee their wishes and moods. I think it is the most valuable achievement.

– What of your team’s creations do you like the most and why? Can I place the link of your favourite work here so that our readers could see it?

My favourite project is a web site for shoes design brand ‘Judari’. It’s one of the latest projects. I love it for combining elegance with minimalism, creative ideas with grace. And what a lady wouldn’t like to lead a project concerning trendy shoes?:)

– Your job is very creative. What inspires you professionally?

It’s difficult to say exactly. I try to find inspiration in everything. But of course travelling and meeting interesting people play the most important role.

– They say that Italians have style and Frenchmen have taste… Continue this thought, what do Ukrainians have?

I think that Ukrainians have great energy and inspiration.

– Travelling broadens our horizons. What places would you like to visit to develop your creative capabilities?

I have been always dreaming about the East. It is so unique and mysterious. So once I hope to visit Peking and Tokyo.

– Which book you read has influenced on you the most?

A lot of girls were impressed with “Gone With the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. The same was with me. It is an American classical work which can teach to get over difficulties and despite of anything to stay a lady.

– What is your favourite artist and fine arts style?

It is quite natural that I love painting. Most of all I like Impressionists and Claude Monet in particular.

– What is your design ‘dream project’? (Something you’ve never done before).

I’d like to design a site for a very famous brand. Something like Gucci, Dior or Givenchy. It’s only a dream, but step by step my team is coming to it! 🙂

Next trial to answer the question: “Why do you want a lady for this job?” coming soon.