Importance of Making Your Website Mobile

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 9, 2013

Importance of Making Your Website Mobile
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Unpleasant fact is that number of small and medium sized companies have fell behind the competition or even went out of business due to the fail to adapt modern technologies. If a company or an entrepreneur wants to stay in the “game” these days, then they must adapt to technological evolution and adjust their websites-the vital part of any business.Today, when one is finally launching the website designed for desktop use only, must consider the question when and how, should the mobile strategy planning for the business to be implemented. It is an important subject and one of the main aspects for businesses around the world.

As the world acquires mobility, more and more customers desire the same online experience they are receive from the desktop, on their smartphones. Brochure version of the site is not topical any more, clients want to see and practice relevantly personalized and coherent mobile experience. Positive and easy website use experience creates good company-client relationships, building a strong customer trust. Here are some facts:

  • 72% of all newly acquired devices are smartphones
  • Over 1 billion smartphones worldwide are in use now
  • In 3 years expected number of smartphones will exceed 2 billions
  • 1 of 3 minutes online is accessed from a mobile device
  • Relying on a Google’s research, more than 61% of online visitors will browse Google again if the site is not mobile friendly

Mobile Version of a Site:

Mobile version of a site it is a specifically redesigned website that can be easily accessed via mobile web from any cellular devices. Such feature largely improves experience of an internet user. Mobile friendly websites are designed to perform and look more superior on cellular devices. One of the reasons that drive people away from the site is its slow performance which translates into long page visits. Mobile friendly website noticeably speeds up performance on cellular devices.

Mobile Application for Your Site:

Mobile app is a software application built for mobile devices and smartphones, that user downloads onto, and that locates on a cellular device. Statistically mobile applications usually have higher success rates than websites, coming with entirely loaded content. The one can add tracking so that user’s actions would be tracked down and decisions were made based on customer activity.

Responsive Web Design:

With Responsive Website Design (RWD) business owners or managers don’t have to separate or divide PC, mobile, and tablet versions of a website, because it adapts to whatever screen size it is being displayed on. RWD is still on an immature level, but it’s forecasted to become the industry standard. A Responsive Website Design implies that the content is in one place only, and there are should be no issues with duplicate content’s impact on SEO. It is recommended by Google to have responsively-designed website because it will have a priority among other mobile sites in search engines.