Improve Your Dynamic Web Pages with JavaScript

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 15, 2011

Improve Your Dynamic Web Pages with JavaScript
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If you have a question how JavaScript can be helpful for you this article is for you.

JavaScript represents a popular object-oriented scripting language which is broadly supported in web browsers. JavaScript adds interactive functions to HTML pages, that are differently static, since HTML has become a display language, nor a programming language. JavaScript language is easier to deploy than Java but not as strong and deals chiefly with the elements on the web page.

Originally JavaScript was developed by the “LivaScript” that is project of Netscap Communications but then was renamed as “JavaScript” and rendered syntax closer to Java language of Sun Microsystems. The name change happened about the same time Netscape was involving support for Java technology in its browser Netscape Navigator. Hence, the change argued a source of much confusion. Actually there is no relation between JavaScript and Java; the only similarities are the fact the both languages are deployed broadly on the World Wide Web and some syntax.

Majority designers of websites deploy JavaScript technology in order to build dynamic web applications. The one main use of JavaScript language is to create little functions which are embedded in HTML pages and cooperate with the browser to perform appointed tasks not possible alone in static HTML, such as changing images when the mouse cursor drives on them and changing a new window.