Inly Essence of Your Mobile Gaming Passion

Inly Essence of Your Mobile Gaming Passion

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QArea Team
QArea Team
September 1, 2005
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September 1, 2005 – QArea, the leading developer of applications for PDA’s and smart phones also being the originator of the pioneering BugHuntress Test Suite for automated PDA applications testing, announces starting of its Inly Essence J2ME game porting for variety of mobile devices.

Inly Essence J2ME game

The Inly Essence J2ME game will be available for Nokia Series 40 and 60; Siemens Series 55 and 65; SonyEricsson T610, 630, Z600; Motorola V Series; Samsung and Alcatel in the nearest future.

The Inly Essence J2ME game is a fighting arcade enhanced with RPG elements and non-linear scenario.

The idea of the game is quite close to Prince of Persia, yet, its distinctive feature is in a specific parameter of rage. It is this parameter that defines the striking power of the fighting characters, and it changes dependant on punches given or obtained.

Inly Essence J2ME game

The aim of the game is to survive and destroy the Boss who is a dark and unnatural monster creature concealed in the dungeon deep under the earth and spreading the infectious rage disease. The player’s task is reach to his hiding place room-by-room and destroy the monster Boss and his aids. There are 15 levels to be passed to reach the Boss.

The player can choose from 8 animated characters to play. As they pass through the 3 stages, at each stage the player’s character gains more of fighting characteristics. This affects them by deforming their natural appearance to an ugly mutant and than to a creature with implants. This also enables them to rebut the Boss’s aids.

The character has 7 aspects:

  • 1.Speed
  • 2.Vitality
  • 3.Rage
  • 4.Injury
  • 5.Strength
  • 6.Madness
  • 7.Bloodiness

The same characters are attributable to Boss and Boss’s aids. Yet, they are a bit weaker which is compensated by their number.

The control is performed by standard key layout and also duplicate performed by joystick:

  • 4 – backward
  • 6 – forward
  • 7,9 – hit
  • 1,3 – kick
  • 5 – affect environment (use), while affect opponent – superkick (if sufficient rage level)

About QArea: QArea is the largest Ukrainian mobile outsourcing company since 2001. Its primary focus is brought upon software development for Palm, WinCE, RIM (Blackberry), Symbian, Brew, J2ME-enabled devices and related.

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