Is it an innovation, is it a flaw… No, it’s iPhone 6!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 2, 2014

Is it an innovation, is it a flaw… No, it’s iPhone 6!
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It’s no longer necessary to brag about those scandalous deeds that the smart guys from Apple did but hey, everything is a matter of perspective and when it comes to Apple, these bright minds know how to always choose the best perspective over the…. bent reality.

Such is the case with the new design of the most awaited, most announced, most rumored cellphone ever to be released, the iPhone 6.

The story goes like this

You pay 800$ for what’s said to be a great hi-tech release. You get your pupils dilated with enthusiasm and start getting used to owning the coolest piece of mobile technology right inside your pocket and… surprise! You observe a little bend that kills all your joy. What to do and what to say, other than curse the day you threw 800$ right out the window and feel ridiculously fooled by the mobile technology giants, in which you invested heartfelt trust and loads of money.

Keeping the matter-of-perspective approach on things, wise men say that there is a crack in everything and that is how the light gets in. The enlightened minds from Apple are certainly aware of that and they actually built an entire light tunnel, with the best reverse strategy ever. Still sticking to perspective, Apple surely knows how to play with it. This being said, news appeared about the new Flex feature that basically makes the phone malleable and causes the bent, for you to be able to experience a new and better way of manipulating the image on your cellphone and see clearer, better, faster and stronger

Apple surely works with the best communication strategy team, so we couldn’t expect a less decent answer from their part. The thing is, people are getting more and more used to receiving flawless quality from the competition so this time a good PR and marketing strategy from Apple could not be quite enough.

On the other hand, bad publicity is still publicity so there we go, with the internet screaming out loud about the bewitched iPhone 6 and its long debated flaw in innovation.

It’s not only that, but Apple also goes with the flow of transparency, showing the video results of some crash tests made in their own laboratories. The tests actually show that this iPhone is quite resistant to shock and the fabrics it is made of are not that lamentable. Moreover, the guys from iFixit offered a 7 rating after their own testing, a pretty good rating for an Apple device. They also discovered some interesting things when it comes to the phone’s inside parts. First of all, the battery offers almost double the capacity of the one made for iPhone 5. Also, the SoC apple A8 includes 1GB RAM. Furthermore, the LTE model is produced by Qualcomm, the NFC comes from NXP and the NAND memory is made by SK Hynix.


There is no such thing as perfection so if we try to create a balance between the benefits and the downsides, we may reach the conclusion that the iPhone 6 is something good, made in respect to what Apple has been growing over time…class in quality and major attention to the details. Their technical heart skipped a bit though, and the bending issue has come to our attention. Things are eventually a matter of perspective even for us, so it’s up to each and every one of us to believe the convenient truth. Apple is about subjectivity, anyhow, most of the brand engagers are first of all emotionally engaged rather than technical savvies, like let’s say, the typical Android users, which are more oriented to details that approach the resistance and improved quality matter.

Eventually, for good iPhone 6 experience with 3D vision included, we can stick two devices to one another and get ourselves our own piece of innovation by Apple, to make a bit of fun of this situation. Until then, we are better advised to consider the benefits, the bugs and the flaws that the iPhone 6 comes with, because there’s quite a price to be paid for this jewelry.

In the end, it’s pretty clear that Flex is only a goodnight story for the most naive of us and Apple will have to seriously set things straight with their next releases.