Interesting stuff about Java and HTML5

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on March 13, 2012

Interesting stuff about Java and HTML5
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HTML5 is a modern tool helping the developers to make their projects. For example, some of the social networks are based on the HTML5, Apple’s mobile gadgets of new generation support HTML5. We know HTML5 helps end-users to get a rich content in a simple way. This one also makes the importance of Adobe Flash and Microsoft’ Silverlight not so significant. However, many experts in IT say that Java-community isn’t ready for HTML5.

Many programmers believe that the way from HTML4 to HTML5 is not so fearful as somebody thinks. It means the developers should only improve their professional skills into training courses and to be ready for HTML5 integration. In spite of this, many web-rendering technologies are close to specifications of HTML4, for instance, if we speak about such things as JavaServer Faces (JSF) and the Java EE standard. Fortunately, we really hope the upgrade of web-technology from HTML4 to HTML5 will be quite quick and easy for coders.

IT-specialists claim the JavaServer Faces is ready to get new standard, it will allow using flexible features of HTML5, but don’t forget about people. They need motivation for their ability to keep up with HTML5. Overall, it will take some time before we begin to see the advantages of HTML5 in future projects.