Introducing QArea Partner Programs

Oleg Sivograkov by Oleg Sivograkov on October 19, 2020

Introducing QArea Partner Programs

For almost two decades we have been a reliable partner to hundreds of our clients worldwide. We responded to our clients’ needs quickly, delivered exceptional service, and turned projects of any complexity and scale into a positive experience. This is why today we are so ecstatic to get you acquainted with QArea’s exclusive partner programs for product companies, outsourcing vendors, consulting firms, and other IT organizations.

In this post you will learn about what our White Label, Subcontracting, Referral, and Partnership programs are and the wide range of benefits collaboration with a mature full-cycle software development company can bring to your business.

White Label

Approach your clients with an easily scalable dedicated team as a part of your in-house troops

Following your request, we assemble a dedicated team that is best-suited for your project requirements and business goals. The team practically becomes a part of your organization—they are fully engaged with your project alone and operate as a part of your in-house team for your clients. 

In addition to staff augmentation services, your company gets full business and technical support from QArea, including the necessary equipment, team administration, and consulting services. Whether you’re looking for a temporary capacity boost or a long-term team extension solution, we will provide you with the most flexible collaboration options.



Get 10% revenue for the first year of our collaboration with your client plus yearly 3% profit for each subsequent year of the project

In addition to our expert full-cycle software development, QA, and IT consulting services, you get impressive financial benefits from collaborating with QArea while maintaining full control and responsibility over communication and business operations with your client. 

Our subcontracting program provides you with 10% revenue for the first year of our collaboration with your client plus yearly 3% profit for each subsequent year of the project.



Get 5% of profits for the first year of each project you successfully committed to our experts

If you have a lead that isn’t an ideal client for your company (maybe the budget doesn’t meet your expectations or you don’t specialize in the kind of services requested), don’t worry! You can still provide your lead with a solution and profit from what would be otherwise considered a missed opportunity.

Help your lead solve their problems and provide value with QArea’s referral program! With each lead you successfully introduced to our services, you get 5% of the profits for during the first year of our collaboration on their project.

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Get 50% of the operating income for the entire duration of the project you bring to QArea

QArea has an exceptional partnership offer for product companies and service providers. Our partnership program enables you to get 50% of the operating income (including overheads) for the entire duration of the project you bring to QArea. The program applies to projects longer than 12 months and with a budget of more than $50K per month.

Moreover, partners that reach a milestone of $1 million in gross sales with QArea will be invited to join the company’s board of directors for joint business ownership.

QArea is a full-cycle software development service provider with nearly 20 years of experience in the international outsourcing market and over 280 engineers with broad tech skills and cross-domain expertise. We are proud to be a proven, reliable partner to hundreds of startups, SMEs, and globally-recognized companies that value our broad cross-domain expertise, well-established processes, and transparent communication. Our supreme quality services helped numerous product companies, outsourcing vendors, and IT consulting firms succeed with various projects from the development of web, mobile, and desktop solutions to QA & testing, IT consulting, and DevOps.

We always make sure QArea is the first thing that comes to your mind the next time you need help with a project. Have a look at what our clients say about their collaboration experience with QArea.

Written by
Oleg Sivograkov, Chief Operating Officer

COO at QArea Company. An expert in project management, business development, and optimizing workflow efficiency.