Introduction to Android Market

Introduction to Android Market

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December 8, 2011
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Android Market is an online software store which is developed for Android devices by Google.

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An app program Android Market is preinstalled on all Android devices and permit users to overlook and download applications which are hosting on Market and published by third-party Android developers. The website more than the Market application itself supplies details of some available applications, especially those which are marked as “Top Free”, “Top Paid” and “Featured”.

Android Market serves as a licensed software of Google and isn’t open source. It is available for Android tablets, phones and other devices. Furthermore Market assists developers with distribution that is a place where users can visit and easily download content. Content providers get paid for thanks to billing system. Such way of sale allows developers to receive a profit easily and they don’t have to worry about providing and promoting of their products.

Android Market is an open system, everybody can publish content, and you just need to register, upload, characterize and make your app locations and games public.

Google has made ready a statistics and analytics for improving and planning business for developers. And users have an opportunity to describe and comment developers’ applications.

The whole infrastructure support paid and free applications and control is ensured by Google.

The one of the main advantages of Android Market is revenue sharing model: carrier and developer can do an arrangement about payments 70% for developer, 25% for carrier and 5% for preservation.

Availability for developers

Android applications are not necessary to be obtained from Android Market. Android apps can be acquired from any source for instance a developer’s own website or from any other of the third party alternatives to market that exist and may be installed on Android gadgets alongside of Market.

Banned actions

It is prohibited to engage in any activity with the Market, and also the distribution or development of products which intervene with damages, accesses, or disrupts in an unauthorized manner the servers, networks, devices, or other services or properties of any third party. It is forbidden to utilize customer information taken from the Market to distribute or sell articles outside of the Market. Any article you distribute on the Android Market must stick to the Market Content Policy for Developers.

Application security

Applications created by third party developers and distributed through the Android Market can be run on Android devices. When once apps have signed up it allows developers to make their applications available instantly, without any extended approval process.

After an application is installed, Android shows all necessary permissions. At that moment users may determine whether to install the application or not.

Application permissions can include:

  • Make phone calls
  • Access to user’s address phone book info
  • Read and write the memory card
  • Access the Internet
  • Send SMS messages

Google doesn’t permit content that comprises of hate speech, private and confidential information, prohibited products, copyright infringement, malicious products, violent or bullying behaviour, nudity and sexually explicit material.

Only 13 years old or older users are allowed to utilise Android Market.

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