Introduction to App Store

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

Introduction to App Store

App Store is the online store of Apple inc. where you can get a great number of various applications through iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. The applications include multitude of categories and also such popular apps as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, MySpace, The New York Times and so on. That is the best place to get in touch with the latest forthcoming products of Apple and to know about the functionalities and features of products before you buy it. App Store has a unique architectural design.

There are over 100000 applications you can choose on reasonable prices, also free applications and common utilities which tend to cost less than £2 in the App Store. The complex packages as for instance Quick Office are not too expensive. The price of majority of the applications is from $0.99 to $9.99.

App Store can be accessed via your phone or through iTunes on the computer. The features the store includes are screenshots, user reviews, a facile browsing through different categories and an appropriate search engine. It notifies of any updates to your installed apps on your iPod, iPhone or iPad, with the option “Update All” which allows taking the drudgery out of downloads.

The big disadvantage in the App Store it is how Apple controls it. The company’s quality control is high and you won’t find anything that competes with any of Apple’s apps, Apple won’t sell products which are inappropriate.

Application security

The list of applications which will be rejected to be sod in App Store:

  • Comprise of hidden or undocumented features incompatible with the description of app.
  • Duplicate of the already existing applications in App Store.
  • Mention the name of other mobile platform. No advertising of other platform.
  • Only applications which browse web via WebKit Javascript and iOS WebKit framework.
  • Similar to the existing Apple article or advertising topic.
  • Misspell names of Apple products in their application name.
  • Mimic interface of iPod.
  • Look similar to applications which are bundled on the iPhone.
  • Create alternative home/desktop screen environment or copy multi-application widgets.
  • Have complex or not very good interface.
  • Containing pornographic material.
  • Enable sharing of illegal files.
  • Include Russian roulette games.
  • Attack religions.
  • Promote illegal drugs, encourage underage smoking or binge drinking.
  • Depict realistic violence or cruelty to children or animals.

Availability for developers

Before writing the applications for Apple’s iPad, iPod Touch or professional iPhone developers should look through restrictions of App Store. The applications should be developed in accordance with the guideline of Apple and must be approved by them. Failing which means the applications won’t be included into the App Store.

App Store never provides users any refund on applications. To become a developer of Apple App Store you should pay $99. Market charge is 30% of any paid applications sales. Developers get 70% of revenue from their applications.

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