iOS 10 + Siri: High Time to Make Her Listen and Perform

QArea Developer by QArea Developer on May 25, 2016

iOS 10 + Siri: High Time to Make Her Listen and Perform

Innovations and tech advancements in iPhone app development have always been Apple’s mojo. Siri was first implemented in the iPhone 4 in 2011 (and it became its smoking hot selling point).

It was an elite and insider’s experience for ’club members’ only. The experience of future, both desired and tingling.

Though Siri hasn’t passed the Turing test (by the way, a boy from Odessa is the only one who passed it), we know Siri as an intelligent ‘toy’.

Besides, after a meaningful and intellectual conversation with Siri, you can ask her to switch Bluetooth, WiFi, energy saving, voice over, etc. on or off. Your virtual assistant makes your life easier and more efficient. She helps you to book a table or checks the traffic before you hit the road.

She even gives you a hand with social media. When was the last time you updated your Facebook status or tweeted manually?

But is it enough to appease the voracious appetite of today’s users?

Has Apple still got it?

Apple’s quarter’s sales in 2016 have slumped by 10 million compared to the same quarter in 2015.

There are several reasons for the drop in sales. One of the major ones is that China is not Apple’s goldmine anymore, due to currency issues.

Besides, smart systems are becoming more common, and Siri is not an alluring feature of Apple.

Old-school Siri isn’t cool anymore

Smart systems (such as Alexa, Hound, Cortana and Google Now) are gaining ground and becoming more flexible and efficient. For instance, SoundHound’s new personal digital assistant Hound is capable of reacting to very specific orders, such as telling you what the weather is going to be like in Rio de Janeiro in 2 months.

With all the choice of virtual assistants, Siri doesn’t feel that exciting anymore. And it’s only natural that Apple is looking to make Siri sexier for its users.

The sexier version

Siri is going to be upgraded (starting from iOS 9) to live up to and, hopefully, surpass iPhone users’ expectations.

Smocking hot iOS Siri development

Siri will be able to answer your phone calls and take messages for you. She will even turn voice messages to text messages if you tell her to. The credit will go to a service, reportedly called iCloud Voicemail.

What’s more, Siri is going to be connected with other iOS apps via API’s, and your new virtual servant will execute all the commands you are going to give her.

You’ll either speak to Siri or type your orders if speaking is not convenient at that particular moment.

You’ll be empowered to book tickets to Rio de Janeiro, call your friend, send an e-mail or cancel a visit to your doctor. Just ask her to remind you about that self-motivation book you are reading or to show you photos from your last trip to Barcelona, for instance. And she will be happy to help.

Siri is going to become more connected to your life. Actually, she may become an indispensable part of it.

iPhone apps development is all about bringing you futuristic experiences. Being a leap ahead of time is what makes iPhone users feel special and smart.

Thus, if we are talking iOS development, iPhone apps should be targeted at getting or enhancing the experience of the future. Especially now, when Siri is going to get so much capacity. The girl’s open to so many new opportunities…

Or, at least, consider integrating her new sexy API into your app. Your users will only thank you for it.