iOS 7 Will Be Doing The Physics For You!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on August 22, 2014

iOS 7 Will Be Doing The Physics For You!
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That looks like alive!

Any android application development company will now be endangered with what iOS 7 has to offer. The Android versus iOS rival is engaging with new strength now that iOS and its new Dynamic API the looks and functionality of apps can now be influenced with actual live gravity.

Physics engines are not new to game designers. To get the proper parabola of a bird launched for all-pig mayhem feel right and accurate developers do not write the Newton’s motion laws into the app manually. Special engines are used instead. Now designers will have some of those.

Thus the new UI Kit features are presented. The dynamics behavior may now be integrated into your app without the need for you to learn how to properly program a game engine. Your app can now have some actual gravity with all that cool bounciness and acceleration and stuff. But, as one weird looking superhero always said “with great power comes great responsibility”. Thus if you use these new features wisely you will have an even better looking and intuitive application. Such effect will be achieved due to the fact that users will be able to interact with your app like with a real live object.

Where to use it?

Well, every animation may be appropriate if you really want to see your app a bit like the iOS 7-native ones. You will see the new feature all over the pre-installed apps. They actually may give you a couple of ideas. I could bet that if you already have an app it is using some parallel animations that have overlapping timelines which are triggers that start others to proceed. If you do, than you have done something the new dynamics might have done for you automatically.

So except for animations you have pan gestures. The ones you use to manipulate views with screen transactions. The camera icon situated on your lock-screen is a splendid example. Once you’ve tapped it an impulse force that comes from the button has been created. And gravity eventually overcomes that impulse. You may also see the elastic bottom when it bounces from it after being dropped. And users may even give all that some extra velocity by simply slamming it down. That can look awesome on your app, right?

I can do all that with Core!

You are right. You can. Core Animation is powerful, yet all that fun will require tons of work, while the Dynamics System makes all that easier. With Dynamics you will be able of expressing your desires with in terms of all those physical attributes. Thus you will be capable of layering more complex behavior as well as playing with it.

The power and responsibility part

Look at your app. Have a nice look of it. Which parts would you like to improve? A great way to start with the Dynamics features would be with the transaction from a screen to a screen. If you are currently using the swipe gesture a splendid thing to do will be replacing it with the pan gesture that is attached to the view. Thus you will allow your users to directly manipulate it. In other words allow them to throw it away by tossing rather than common swiping and object in order to bring up the menu that includes the delete feature.

And, on the other hand, too much is too much. Don’t catch yourself adding dynamics just for the sake of it. Don’t be a show off. When all is used correctly you will get an awesome looking app full of dynamics and playfulness. But if these things will be overused the app will just look like a bunch of fancy looking stuff gathered in one place. That is quite a crucial mistake. Such an appearance will only be causing negative vibes from your users.