iPhone iOS in the shade of Android

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on November 29, 2011

iPhone iOS in the shade of Android
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AndroidOfficially, now Android has much bigger market share than iPhone across five European countries, the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. As the comScore MobiLens service recently published, a Google Android platform was used approximately one in four smartphones in this region.

According to the three months research, 88.4 million smartphone users are the subscribers in these five European countries that make a 44% increase in the market share. Futher more, Google’s Android platform made the biggest step in the market share among the other smartphone platforms.

As to the devices themselves, HTC was the indubitable winner which accounted for a 36.6% of all Android smartphones during these three months period. Samsung also wasn`t too far behind, which had 31.7% share that was very impressive. Citing the report, there were 19.7 million smartphone users in these European countries adopting the Android platform, and the most number in the UK – 6.3 million users.

As a result, Android smartphone was in a winning position because Apple with its iOS and RIM with its BlackBerry platform could barely comprise a single percentage.

 Jeremy Copp, comScore Europe vice president for Mobile said that Google Android is promoting the smartphones increasing popularity, not Symbian nor the Apple iOS are the market leading platforms. He also added that although Symbian is a leader on the smartphone market in Europe, Android is growing fast and lately have passed Apple to become the second most popular platform. Advertisers, Network operators and publishers looking to reach European mobile customers must pay attention to the growth of the Android platform, as it is very promising in research implications of the mobile media landscape.