iPhone application development challenges

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

iPhone application development challenges
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Due to a high popularity of the iPhone that includes a set of unique features distinguishing it from other mobile devices currently available in the global market, the demand for quality iPhone applications is constantlyy growing too. IPhone apps are aimed to enhance user experience and optimize the device usability, however, mobile developers might face a number of challenges in the development process while trying to achieve the the top quality of their applications:

  • Those making their very first steps in iPhone development, need some time and effort to get familiar with such technologies as Cocoa, Objective C and Xcode, as well as with Mac OS as iPhone development is not supported for Windows and Linux OSs.
  • When developing iPhone apps, a developer should control the app’s memory utilization to avoid low memory warnings and prevent the app from being terminated.
  • Responding to such interruptions as incoming calls or messages terminates the application automatically, therefore, proper handling with these interruptions is required.
  • Dealing with touchscreen, all the app controls should be set up very carefully.
  • Its is essential to avoid crowded screen as complicated screen might scare away app users.
  • In case of GPS-based applications developers should make sure that GPS is turned off, when it’s not required, otherwise it might result in quick battery draining.
  • Last to mention, but not the least important: one of the basic challenges is actually developing the application that would not get lost among thousands of similar apps already available in the App store, i.e. something that will catch and win users attention.

With this said, a significant challenge for anyone willing to outsource iPhone development is hiring the right iPhone development company with the team of experts who possess profound knowledge of the iPhone platform and iOS development as well as enough creativity to turn their app idea into something truly unique and worthy attention. That is why at QArea, we hire only professional iPhone developers with years of previous hands-on experience in iPhone app development to provide our customers with quality and highly competitive iPhone apps.

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