IT Forecast 2014 for Ukraine

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 3, 2014

IT Forecast 2014 for Ukraine
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Now it’s already possible to predict the key trends and factors in the development of Ukrainian IT technological world that grows particularly prosperous recently. The prominent Ukrainian IT experts have expressed their opinions on this account. Here we are going to outline the main ideas.


The common tendency in technology to incorporate voice control will likely remain in 2014. No wonder, since everybody dreams of the time he can only ask a question aloud to see not just the typed request in Google, but to get a comprehensive answer immediately! There’s clear evidence that voice-controlled technologies are going to develop more intensively. We can already see voice control in experimental Google Glass which virtually is operated almost completely by voice.

We are likely to see the increasing role of location-based services as well. With their help users will be able to quickly find the information about any establishment, get recommendations, leave comments or search right on the spot.

Mobile Devices

Statistics shows that laptop retails are gradually reducing however transformer-devices with a wide functionality still remain the dominant devices at the market. The most priority is still given to long operation life and battery charge as well as anytime Internet access.

Speaking of the tablets, high-quality matrix, good camera, fast processor and thing and light body remain their key priorities. Transformable tablets with the attachable keyboard will be of interest for users as well.

Information Security

In 2014 we should expect the increased danger of economical and in-country cyber spying. This will occur due to the formation of the organized groups of qualified hackers offering different companies commercial cyber spying services.

Speaking of attacks on users, mobile security risks are going increase. Among the expected malware software are Trojans of two types – those blocking the device operation and demanding money for unblocking, and those encrypting data on the device and demanding much more money for unblocking.

In 2013 many companies began to move their resources from American data centers to European and Asian ones because of the recent controversial details about NSA activity. It gives grounds to expect a significant boost in the development of local cloud providers in certain countries as well as building of national cloud infrastructures that will accommodate the data centers of governmental bodies and state organizations. These changes are sure to influence the information security market since such an important data is especially difficult to keep safe in virtual environment.

In conclusion, most experts promise technological innovations however cannot say for sure that they will increase the internal consumption. On the other hand, the outsourcing market will thrive. QArea always follow trends in IT, that’s why our software development services are innovative and cost-efficient.