It Was A Success! QArea’s Webinars about Drupal Hit Just the Spot! (With Video)

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 5, 2014

It Was A Success! QArea’s Webinars about Drupal Hit Just the Spot! (With Video)
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What was covered?

Frankly speaking every project is overfilled with multiple issues occurring here and there. But most of them may be solved by experience as they are repeating themselves from project to project. But experience is not to be gained with hard bumps as there are many materials offered to teach Drupal developers several new tricks. That is why QArea was holding a webinar dedicated to issues occurring while a Drupal project is being deployed.

Speakers were aimed to show potential of modules like Drush and Features and their positive effect on project deployment process. QArea’s webinar was also covering many useful commands and other tips that may assist everybody from a developer to a CTO if they are related to Drupal in any way.

People who visited QArea’s Drupal webinar

About 100 people gained from the webinar as they have attended it and learned many new things. Mostly, according to received feedback and comments, people were satisfied with new information they have received. Here are several of such comments:

“Despite several minor technical issues I have truly enjoyed what Andey and Yaroslav had to say. A truly educating presentation that was mostly of new information for me. Thank you!”

“I hope to hear more from you guys as I loved the work you just did over here. Wish there was more content like this in the web when I was beginning my work with Drupal.”

“Thank you for the work you have been through while preparing this presentation. The part about Features was just what I was trying to find for quite a while now. Or, at least, it seems to be as for now.”

The webinar was proud of gathering quite a crowd of people interested in what Andrey and Yaroslav had to offer.

About the speakers

Andrey and Yaroslav are two young and open-minded Drupal developers from QArea that may be proud of a swell combination of experience and a thirst to experiment and explore more. Their creative approach has been quite beneficial to many parts of projects Andrey and Yaroslav were a part of. Much of their ideas and creative work was displayed within the webinar. If you have missed it earlier QArea may provide you with a video from it so you may learn something new at any convenient time and in a comfortable environment.