It’s Really That Big! Sides Of Google You Never Considered!

QArea Team by QArea Team on January 28, 2015

It’s Really That Big! Sides Of Google You Never Considered!
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Google is an amazing company…

Innovations, techs science-fiction: those are few of many words that are coming up your mind when somebody mentions Google in any conversation. One other word you may consider is BIG. Google’s very big and already working in majority of aspects allowing us to see tech the way it is today and more.

This article will not be about spies and conspiracy theories so you may take of your foil hats and simply enjoy learning something new.

Search engines!

Surely the most famous thing Google has to offer is the Google search engine you were probably using when you found this article. After launched in 1997 Google beat all of the competition presented at that time. There were already engines like Yahoo existing at that time but, frankly, they were terrible and could not find what you were looking for in the majority of times. Google has immerged with a top secret success formula bringing engines to the new level and dominated the market. But that’s not all as there is…

YouTube (acquired on December 10, 2006 for $1.65 billion dollars). That is correct, the place you have been watching all your favorite videos. YouTube, as a search engine is larger than Bing, Yahoo and Ask all combined! It’s second to Google itself as the largest search engine in the world. How much of continuous video content is uploaded on YouTube daily? A week you would say? A month? Well, it’s a decade! A decade of length videos are uploaded on YouTube daily. In but a month people are watching 450 000 years time-worth videos.


Your phone may be running Android or it may not and still you know very much about it, right? August 17, 2005 Android was acquired by Google and became legendary. Even then it was worth $15 million. And with its nature of open-source who knows how enormous has it grown since? One thing may be said for sure. Android development is of the largest fields in today’s software market. The fact it is open-source is actually allowing android to run on a phone with as much ease as it would on a car, a refrigerator, a light bulb… You name it!

261.1 million smartphones were sold in 2012 and 211 million of them were running android. That is somewhere around 80% of the entire market. Impressive, I’d say.


Have you ever seen news of impressive robots doing amazing things? They are probably owned by Google. Here is a short list of related companies Google allready has in it’s piggyback:

  • SCHAFT Inc. A Japanese company constructing humanoid robots and other robotics.
  • Industrial Perception, USA. Robotic arms and computer vision are their specialties.
  • Redwood Robotics, USA is creating robotic arms.
  • Meka Robotics, an American company that is into creation of robots.
  • Holomni, USA: Robotic wheels.
  • Bot & Dolly, USA: Robotic cameras.
  • Boston Dynamics, USA are generally into robotics.
  • DeepMind Technologies are into, wait for it, Artificial Intelligence. A nice way to conclude this list, right? The company has came up with some cutting-edge technologies and are world’s leaders in creation of really smart machines.

This means Google are currently world’s leaders in robotics and all related aspects of the branch.

Google X

Unlike area 51 and all related mythology Google X exists and is quite a deal. The facility is only semi-secret, yet we are surely wondering what is going on there. The point of Google X existence is in improving today’s tech by the factor of 10 aka bringing science fiction to reality.

There are also many projects like project Loon designed to create specialized zonds aka balloons that will be scattered around the globe allowing easy internet access from any point of planet Earth. More to that subject Google are investing in satellites that are oriented on the same goal. Perhaps, in a few years all you will need to escape a deserted island is a smartphone hence you will have internet there.

Google is seemingly with all that it takes to dominate tech world already. Let’s hope their credo “Don’t be evil!” is matching reality.

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It’s Really That Big! Sides Of Google You Never Considered!