Join us at Mobile Monday Global Summit 2007!

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August 30, 2007
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Mobile industry leaders from over 30 countries will gather in Helsinki, Finland, and St. Petersburg, Russia, at MobileMonday Global Summit 2007, one of the most significant worldwide industry events. The three-day event taking place in Helsinki on September 10 will continue in St. Petersburg on September 11-12 and gather over 1500 participants.

What is Mobile Monday Global Summit?

Mobile Monday Global Summit 2007It is an annual event that brings together and provides a great opportunity to network with mobile industry influencers and innovators from all over the world. A place where mobile business leaders share ideas, present and test innovations and build bridges for tomorrow in mobile industry. MobileMonday Global Summit is remarkable for the fact that it is not a mere conference with speakers' presentations, it is first of all a perfect field for networking and a unique opportunity for experts from all over the world to directly discuss the most urgent topics with their colleagues, to establish new and strengthen the existing contacts as well as find new opportunities for business development. According to the organizers, MobileMonday Global Summit 2007 promises to be even more informative and interesting than world-famous 3GSM or CTIA. «There are 2 mobile industry events in 2007 that can’t be missed: 3GSM World in Barcelona and the MobileMonday Global Summit in Helsinki», says Claude Florin, Senior Director, Entertainment and Media, Hewlett-Packard.

Mobile music, mobile marketing and social media will become key topics in this year discussion. The participants will be offered extensive and interesting program: speakers' presentations, round-table discussions, seminars, press-conferences, hi-tech exhibitions, meetings with Mobile Monday local Chapter representatives. Throughout the day the participants will also be able to visit the demo-halls and experience first hand the latest from some leading companies — both large and well-known and start-ups. Besides, this year novation will become a special trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. Local MobileModay Chapter will organize the event for decision makers, who are interested in meeting and establishing useful contacts with local industry leaders.

Mobile Monday Ukraine representatives Julia Palatovska and Alexandra Popova, are visiting the Summit for the first time to meet their colleagues and potential partners, find new contacts and business opportunities and just enjoy being in the heart of the event that defines the future of mobile industry.

Let's smile together on Mobile Monday!


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